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  1. I rang trading standards today,first chance i've had due to work,they advised me the same as bankfodder,to send them a letter detailing the faults and requesting a refund. Could anyone please explain the procedure of rejecting the vehicle,do i take it to the dealer and hand over the key,telling him i'm rejecting it,or do i keep it at my home and send him a letter rejecting it? Also,how do i get my money back if it goes to court and i win? Thanks. Stan.
  2. Thanks rebel,unfortunately CAB didn't give me a reference number,maybe trading standards will when i ring them. Stan.
  3. Hi there,just an update. I rang the dealer today and recorded the call (can try to upload if anyone wants to listen) he basically accused audi of lying,told me i cant expect a 10 year old car to be brand new,refused to give me a refund and said he'd done nothing wrong so it's no skin off his nose if i involve trading standards and take him to court. I then went to CAB and they advised me to write to him and reject the car and to ring trading standards. I'm not quite sure how to word such a letter and what information i should include so any help would be appreciated. Thanks. St
  4. Yes that's the company in your link Bankfodder,The guy i spoke to at audi said it was unroadworthy and he'd never have let anyone he knew drive it. I'll go to the CAB in the morning,do you think they might ring the dealer on my behalf and explain things and request a refund? i'm pretty useless at telephone conversations to be honest. I'm not sure whether i needed to or not but i saved the ebay link for it just incase. Thank you both very much for all of the info. Stan.
  5. Thanks for replying,it turns out the head gasket is fine,i'll write a complete list of faults exactly as audi wrote them,they also did a breakdown of prices and quoted me a repair bill of £2832.31,should i call the dealer or just email them? they are holly tree car and commercial in nuneaton. fault list as follows. 1) EML on-several faults logged,EGR valve malfunction,camshaft adjustment valve malfunction,unmetered air downstream of air mass meter possibly due to EGR fault. 2) Washers-front inoperable on near side. 3) Number plate light rear near side cracked,off side dim in operati
  6. Hi there,this is my first post so if i do anything wrong please forgive me. I purchased a used audi a4 for £1800 from a dealer on 24/10/14 and i've done approx 250 miles in it,i paid £300 cash and part exed my vectra,two weeks later the water pump failed,i took it to a local mechanic as i didn't think it was worth going back to the dealer for,just over a week after that the coolant light came on,i refilled it and checked it periodically and noticed the coolant in the tank was staying cold even when the engine was up to temp,it was suggested to me that this could be a head gasket fault,so
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