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  1. Hi all, Just to give you an update, I spoke with Lee who arranged for a replacement phone to be sent to us and exchanged for the broken phone. It was arranged for today but they attempted to do it Saturday (I wasn't in) and again yesterday. The phone was replaced yesterday and the complaint was fully resolved (Lee also advised any fee for replacement/repair will be waived) Lee has updated me throughout the course of my complaint and is a credit cag. It's a shame it took me to write on a public forum to get some sort of appropriate investigation to my complaint, I think t
  2. Oh wow that's strange! Sorry to give you some useless information, I just thought I'd share what experience I had to see if it could help you. dx100uk Yup you're right, ignore me!
  3. Lee has contacted me yesterday and is trying to arrange for the repair of the phone, for some reason my mobile number isn't working when they try to arrange the repair so Lee is calling me back today to see if he got around the issue. Lee also advised me that the other part of my complaint will still be looked into which is hopeful. This is the most sense I've had out of anybody on web chat/in store so far, so hopefully this gets it resolved and I can have my phone back first of all!
  4. Hi Elliot If you had taken the iPhone to an apple store they probably would have done a straight swap with it. I had the same sort of issue but 3 months into a contract with o2. The iPhone randomly powered off, so I took it to Apple who literally swapped it like for like and advised its covered under Apple's warranty. If the phone wasn't working when you first opened the box, it's likely that it would be covered by Apple's warranty. Richard
  5. So far all I've been asked for is additional security questions.. Very slow process The temporary phone being used is useless - calls do not connect & a fair amount of important phone calls such as Doctors callbacks have been missed, which is very frustrating if you've ever been waiting for one and then randomly a voice mail comes through!! I would buy a cheap phone to use but cheap phones don't use micro sim so it's hassle for me to even do that. Hoping to get a resolution as soon as possible. Richard
  6. I did contact Vodafone already but haven't received a response. The first email I sent was Ref 8771585 - the second with the subject WRT135 - CAGicon Forum - the reference is 8777576
  7. Thank you. I'll follow your advise, also it's not a warranty issue it is a repair through insurance. I was more than happy to pay my excess and get my phone repaired but after 2 months I don't think the resolution to my complaint is to finally fix my phone after being without it for 2 months . Richard
  8. Hi All, I have had a recent issue with Vodafone and I complained on the webchat to them. I have a Galaxy Samsung S3 and went to put it in for a insurance repair on the 04/10/2014. My account was being transferred to a new system so they couldn't do the repair. I tried another 3 times and still could not get my phone repaired. Almost 2 months later they still advised me they couldn't repair it and I still have a broken phone. I tried to complain on the webchat, I spoke with multiple people and finally "Doug - Team Manager" gave me one resolutio
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