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  1. Just reading back through some suggestions, regarding claiming back my expenses, I have a new tax code to make allowance for my expenses, so I pay less tax throughout the year, so I dont actually claim my expenses back as such and by paying less tax it makes my wages look higher on my payslips
  2. I wouldn't have a clue how to start up my own company and finances are low. I am disappointed in the firm stance the council are taking, knowing this is putting myself and kids into a position which is detrimental to us.
  3. I dont get any housing benefit or council tax benefit, my salary looks too high before expenses are deducted, and the council will not accept my expenses, after expeses deducted I should be entitled but this is the whole problem
  4. I wasn't aware I could have applied for that. I will go up tomorrow and apply, thanks for your help
  5. Thanks for reply, II am not sure what a DHP is, can you explain what it is please.
  6. I lost the tribunal, the magistrates said the housing regulations were correct. I have been told by the council that if I was self employed then they would accept my expenses. The council have spoke to my manager at work who confirmed my expenses I pay myself from my Net pay. Also my accountant faxed the appeals officer at the council showing the figures before and after my expenses. My MP wrote to the council and the reply he forwarded onto me, They quote the housing benefit reg 35(2)(b) as "earnings shall not include any payment in respect incurred in the performance of dut
  7. Hi everyone, I feel I am being put into a position by housing benefit regulations of having to consider giving up my job, I would be grateful for any help or advice. My story starts with leaving a job I was in after 12 years as an employee to do the job I am doing now. I started this job in June 2104. Basically I am a door to door collection agent, (like a provident agent), different company. I am NOT self employed but PAYE, I am on a commission only basis and I pay all my own expenses from my Net Pay, e.g fuel, car repairs, mobile phone, wifi etc. these expenses are not recoverable from
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