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  1. Hello I am delighted to say that TFl has withdrawn my case. Thank you everyone who contributed to this thread! regards
  2. Hello there Thank you for all your replies. I think if i had responded to the earlier letter I think I could have got this resolved sooner. But hey, i can only look to the future and I will wait for them to get back to me. I am honest in everything I have shared with you guys and I haven't hidden any information from you. This is the full story. And Like how OLDCODJA says i hope they withdraw this case. Regards
  3. To rebel Yes i did! OK i will wait for a few more days. And i will keep updating this thread. Thanks
  4. Hello There Thanks for all your responses. On the day of the incident, I swiped in my dads oyster accidentally and when I was checked by the inspectors on the train I just showd my wallet as the machine they have can read through it. They looked at each other for some reason and asked me to show me the oyster and when i pulled out and to my horror it was my dads oyster card. But then I told them it was a mistake and I pulled my own oyster card and they checked it aswell and a green light went off in the machine indicating I had a valid pass. But they still asked me to get off the train and asked me to give details. And the questions they asked were or some of them are (I used the witness statement from my court summons) 1. Why did you use your dads oyster? Ans: I said it was a mistake 2. How many times have you used it? And: Just this once as it was a mistake. 3.Does he you are using it? Ans: No, but he knows i have his card with me. 4. Do you agree you should have used your own oyster? And: Ofcourse I know. But on this instance it was an error of judgement on my part. 5. These facts will be reported to LUL. Do you understand? Ans: What for?? I have my own oyster card and it was just a silly error and i Didn't do it deliberately. And then they asked me to read their notes and sign it at the end. In my court summons they have a print out of my travel history on my oyster card. So i can prove it that i have been using it regularly and i have a monthly purchase on my discounted 18+(which is about 30% of the fare). Please help me how i should proceed now. I have written a letter last week but still no reply. shoouls i ring them??? thanks
  5. Hello there If I haven't made my self clear, I own an discounted card myself and at that time My card had a valid pass for a month!!! And i did have the card with me in the wallet but I must have turned the other side as my dads pass was in it. So it was just an error on my part! I was stopped on the train on my way to uni!! And that is when I realised I swiped the wrong side of my wallet. Thanks
  6. Hello Bazzas I have been unfortunately summoned for S5 RRA 1889. regards
  7. Hello There I have proof that I have only used it once as I myself have a discounted oyster!! And they have got my travel history as evidence in the court summons and it shows I use my card regularly. I still dont understand why they wont believe me?? I do understand their point view as well but the evidence says otherwise. I do believe I am responsibly for this error as it is my responsibility to check my ticket but the prospect of getting a criminal record is very frightening. The questions I asked was very similar tp the others and I answered truthfully. I only said I used it once as i thought it was my oyster! And I signed the little book they had. My only mistake is that I did not respond to the letter they sent me confirming my details and writing my version of the incident at the back of the sheet. Regards
  8. Hello rebel Thanks for getting back. You are the only one bothered to reply to this thread and thank you for that. My court date is on the 28th of jan, so there is plenty of time. I will wait as u said and probably ring them in a weeks time. I will keep updating this thread and let you know of the situation.
  9. Hello Rebel Thanks for the encouragement. I have written a letter now. I have even photocopied my 18+discounted oyster card and have shown them that i regularly use mine. Lets wait and see. Do you think I can call in and deal my case over the phone. Will that be a good idea? cheers
  10. Hello Rebel Thanks for the reply. With Hindsight I should have replied to my earlier letter. But reading around the forums doesn't give me a good sign. What I get is that TFL always end up prosecuting. I will use your template and Wright a letter and I can only hope. But this was a silly mistake. I know i should have been careful but I dint do it deliberately. regards
  11. Hello people, I have found myself in an unwanted situation. Roughly 2.5 months ago I was stopped by a Revenue protection Inspector with my Fathers Freedom Pass. I accidentally swiped in his card rather than mine. My fathers pass is a disabled one and i am afraid whether it would get cancelled. It was a silly mistake and I did not intend to use it. The reason I had his pass was because we were moving house and me and him were going by train as he was in his wheelchair I swiped his card for him to let him through and put the pass in my wallet, then the next day i had to go to uni and I didn't realise I had his pass with me. I did a get letter asking me to confirm my details and write my version of the events at the back. But I ignored this and now i got a summons for fare evasion. IS it too late to settle this out of court. I am losing sleep over this and I am in my first year in UNI, I just dont want a criminal record for this incident. Thanks
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