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  1. Help please! I took out a car finance agreement with Black Horse in Feb 2004. Towards the end of the agreement, I got into financial difficulty, and couldnt make the payments. I stopped making payments in 2008, the loan was over 5 years, and due to finish in 2009. I know the entry will stay on my credit file for 6 years from the start of the loan, but after the official loan term had finished, Black Horse then added a default to my credit file in May/June 2010. Are they allowed to do this? As surely after 6 years the entry should drop off my credit file so I dont see how they can then add a Default to the entry after this time has lapsed. Looking at the entry on my credit file, it doesnt even detail the loan agreement term, but its on the Agreement I had from Black Horse. I havent heard anything from Black Horse since 2008. Any advice would be much appreciated?! Thanks.
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