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  1. ''Mr Grumpy'' he had a face like a slapped arse had to resist the temptation to wipe his Cheshire grin off of his face..... rant over I know it was a slim chance im not overly surprised by the outcome I just thought that I would have got at the very least a fair hearing but didn't. The issue isn't so much that the house needs to be sold it is more that my ex father in law is suffering from Dementia & it is getting progressively worse. He wants to gift my wife an amount of money so as to enable her to pay off a large part of the mortgage & to enable her to get a
  2. Hi guys, just clicked on the green box at the bottom of the page to make donation & it has taken me to a pay pal site where they appear to only accept credit cards & not debit cards, is there an alternative way to make the donation using a debit card?
  3. Hi Donkey B and all others that have kindly advised and assisted. We didn't win on either count. Seen by Judge Beck who I believe had already made his mind up before we went in. He basically stated that the motion to set aside would not be granted & was dismissed out of hand as the original award had been made to HFO SERVICES LTD and that furthermore he would be granting the change of claimant as he could see no reason not to. I stressed all of the points as suggested over & over again, I tried to draw his attention to the fact that title of account was
  4. Hi Donkey B well here at the court paperwork submitted to the Usher so wish me luck. Thanks for all your help, wont say im not daunted by the prospect but will give it my best shot. will let you know how it goes.
  5. Hi Donkey B, please find attached my witness statement, not sure if its any good would welcome your feed back. Once again thank you for all of your help irrespective of the outcome tomorrow I am very grateful to you and will be making a donation to the site. Shame you aren't around in the morning would have been great if you had been able to get there. I will look out for further comments in the morning. Thanks
  6. Hi Donkey B , yes case is being held at Guildford at 10am. Have just finished my witness statement will forward to you to scan wouldn't mind your feedback. Again thanks for all of your help.
  7. Hi Donkey answers; 5. info obtained from Barclaycard: Default Registered on 31st May 2006 / Closing balance as at 8th March 2006 £2404.28 / debt sold to HFO CAPITAL LTD on 9th January 2007
  8. Sorry also meant to say that No Original Documents received by me, I have asked my ex-wife who also says that she does not recall ever receiving any documents, she is also confident that had she of received such documents she would definitely of made sure I knew about it.
  9. Hi Donkey B, Thanks for all the help. few questions & answers. 1st paragraph you suggest I PM Andy & Co what does PM mean?
  10. Hi DonkeyB, apologies for delay in doing this anaesthetic just wearing off. KEARNS SOLICITORS LETTER Page 1 - Letterhead Dear Sir, Re: Asset Link Capital ( No.5 ) Limited - & Yourself The County Court at Guildford - Claim Number 8QC52611 We act on behalf of Asset Link Capital ( No 5 ) Limited and enclose by way of service upon you our notice of acting together with the Application to substitute our client as claimant and the Witness Statement of Andrew James Perkins to be used as evidence in this action. The originals of each
  11. Hi Donkey B, firstly thanks for all your help very much appreciated, got some answers against your points + some new info; Answers 1st. 1. It was Ankur of HFO Capital that told me that HFO Services Ltd had ceased trading. 2. No joy with Barclaycard so far, have another number to call tomorrow but not holding out much hope as they are very unhelpful. 3. Not a lot I can say other than 1st I knew about the CCJ or CO was in 2012 after the filing for divorce was bounced back by the court. Failure to act again through ignorance because i believed that HFO & TR
  12. appreciate your comments & help but really a novice at this kind of thing, is there any advice anyone can give as to a structure of putting forward to the DJ, understand I have left it late but really could do with some help.
  13. I understand that this should have been contested sooner, but as I said earlier the judgement was gained without knowledge as paperwork for the original court proceeding was never received. The fact that the judgement / CO existed at all only came to light when my Ex-Wife decided that she wanted to move on with her life and filed for a divorce, at this point we she was advised that the CO against the property existed. It was at this point that TR were contacted to request the proof of debt & copy of original agreement & it has been rolling on & off since then withou
  14. Have asked for judgement to be set aside because no proof of debt has ever been provided, paperwork for the original court hearing was never received so was unable to defend, judgement was granted to HFO SERVICES LTD. Proof of the debt was requested from Turnbull Rutherford initially & then from HFO SERVICES LTD & lastly from HFO CAPITAL LTD, on each occasion SAR requests were ignored & most recently as soon as SAR requests were submitted to HFO CAPITAL LTD after chasing by email they advised debt had been sold to LINK FINANCIAL. My ex - wife requested that I make a
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