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  1. Do I need to wait on the money going out of my account. Which doesn't have the funds. They kept.insisting they could do nothing till after money goes out, but I can't make a claim as I entered my details on website. I sent an email demanding cancellation of my contract to castle finance but have heard nothing. Just feel if I don't put money in bank to pay I'll end up paying fees and in a worse position, and it's 79 I'll need to find never mind other fees.
  2. Bank no help, gave me phone number of TSB debit fraud line. After speaking to three people got told they could do nothing. I told them what you said but still got nowhere they said as it was a debit card authorised payment they can't stop it. I ended the call as I couldn't speak through crying and was getting nowhere.
  3. I have just fallen for the rubbish castle finance fed me on line. Feel so mislead and foolish. Does anyone know how I can cancel and get my 69 pounds back. I phoned the number and got a message, big surprise eh. Don't know if writing to Wentworth will do any good as it was sister company castle finance I gave my details to. Can't afford to loose this money as I'm a single mum of 2, but they prey on the poor and the vulnerable.
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