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  1. I have been diagnosed with depression and have been having treatment for several years (at least 3 but on and off for 10) sometimes medicinal sometimes therapy sometimes both, the school do know this and the OH report they received confirms this, hence one of the reasons for the risk stress assessment 18 months ago. I have contacted my union and have been assigned a rep higher up the chain than my HOD. She does however know my HOD quite well which does worry me a little, we met on Tuesday and she does seem quite good. I have been following school policies re sanctions, probably mor
  2. I have had no changes to duties or extra support to limit factors. All that happened was one meeting 18months ago to go through the risk assessment form that I insisted was completed in line with recommendation from OH. No follow up Meetings have been had since, the form States that there should be at least one after 6 months and then at least yearly. If anything the school has moved over to a model that provides less support to the teacher (they are expected to sort the problems out themselves) and I have been given no more support than any other teacher, probably less than som
  3. Went to first session of cbt yesterday and Dr is deciding whether or not to refer me up the system as my symptoms were very severe.
  4. I suppose it is not strictly the sack being placed on capability but it is a rare day indeed that anyone gets through it and most resign before it is invoked to protect what is left of their career. The conversation went like this after she had explained a little of the situation. Me "I am screwed aren't I? Her" I think so, I have contacted a caseworker from the union who can handle your case" Note she had already contacted the caseworker. NASUWT
  5. I just wanted to clarify I am a teacher and I expressed that I found dealing with very disruptive pupils particularly stressful especially when there was little backup and I had expresed this in the stress assessment as a trigger. I have had a particularly difficult class for 3 years now, they are failing across the school I believe due to behavioural issues. For several years I have been flagging up the problems both verbally and via email. Yet when I went to the head recently I was told that any teacher citing behavioural issues as a reason that a class underperformed could be deemed t
  6. She is my HOD and not strictly my line manager she was acting as my line manager last year whilst a replacement line manager was reqruited. She is not the union rep in the company she is the regional union rep. During our conversation she said that she had already arranged a case worker for me.
  7. Several yearsmall ago I was off sick with stress depression and was diagnosed as such by GP and OH. OH stated that as such the equality act 2010 probably applied. I am wanting help from OH with issues at work that I have struggled with and we're raised as stressor in my stress assessment that I carried out on return to work. Tbh I teach and was off with stress partly from dealing with disruptive (very disruptive to everyone in the school) pupils with very little support from senior managers, in fact some support had been removed school wide. Since then 18 months ago the risk asse
  8. I went to see senior manager a few weeks ago and asked to be referred but as I was unwilling at the time to fully state the issues the request was declined. They have now said that they will refer me. I have been signed off for 2 weeks and have contacted the union (higher up than my HOD)
  9. I have been in the same job at the same place for 10 years. In 2011 I was diagnosed with work related stress/depression and was signed off for several months. I did return to work on a phased return but did experience some harassment from my boss and after a year or so the problems flared back up and I was signed off for about a month with work related stress/anxiety/depression. Again I came back on a phased return and I insisted on completing an individual stress risk assessment where I listed some of the factors that contribute to the problems. I had one meeting to discuss tge assessme
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