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  1. Hello Guys Good news!! I have been able to settle out of court. I told TFL my situation about me leaving the country and they have accepted it. Mind you it is a hefty fine though. I have to settle 450 pounds plus the fare dodged on that day. Thanks for all your replies. Regards
  2. Hello guys I am on a student visa atm and am not planning to stay in the UK. Looks like I will get a criminal record anyways. My question was that if i leave to singapore, I wouldnt have a criminal record there right?? What I mean is this, will this conviction follow me all the way to singapore and i have to declare it there aswell??
  3. Hello guys Thanks for all your responses. I am planning to leave the country tbh. I cant afford the court expenses. I will continue my study in singapore and will not be planning to return to the uk. My question is if I run from this will it haunt me all the way to singapore??? thanks
  4. Hello Oldcodja Yes the journeys are marked differently. My friends statement was that as he did not need the pass for that month and he keeps his card in a pouch on his table and thought the card was in there the whole time he didn't give much thought but on that day he was looking for the card and couldn't find it and he was about to report it stolen and that is when I gave him a call. He also said that He no way gave me permission to use his card. But in my opinion they did believe his version more than mine.
  5. Hello guys I went to the interview today by myself as a solicitor was to expensive. Well TBH I will need one in court. I tried Negotiating an out of court settlement and it failed. They are saying they may be prosecuting me under the 'theft act', As they have the evidence of my friend reporting the card being stolen. My friend is sticking to his story. And they showed me the travel history for a month and noticed my travel routes only for a month and his travel routes the previous month. I need serious help in how to deal with this matter.
  6. Hello Guys Sorry I forgot to mention it, in the letter it does say interview under caution. and it is on the 17th. I am going to have a terrible christmas that is for sure. I will get hold of a solicitor. Do anyone know of a good one. I am so clueless on this. HELP!!
  7. Hello TFL have sent me a letter asking me to come in for an interview. It is said they would like to clarify with some discrepancies they have found regarding my case. Nothing else is mentioned. I honestly dont know what to do. Any suggestions on how to deal with this matter?? thanks
  8. Hello Guys Thanks for the replies. I will do my best to get an out of court settlement and in the mean time i can only wait. Well to be honest i wouldn't do it again and a criminal record will damage my career, a prosecution for me is still far fetched as this is the first time i have been caught. I know it was wrong of me to use someone else's pass but I am a clean boy. regards
  9. Hello Guys Thanks for your replies. I have begged to be given an out of court settlement. But i still cant believe they will prosecute me for this simple matter. In my Opinion a fine would suffice. But lets see what happens now. thanks
  10. Hello Guys, Thanks for the replies. I have posted the letter and I did speak to a solicitor about my case. He asked me to not tell them the things they did not know and asked me to apologise for the one time use. Well, regarding my friend, it has gone worse now. He doesn't seem to respond to my calls or texts!! I am hoping for the best and i will get back to you as soon as I get any new news!! regards
  11. Hello OLD-CODJA Thanks for the reply. I did speak to my friend regarding this issue and he told me he will maintain his view of it being stolen. I am quite afraid and disappointed with it now. can they track it down and find out about the stolen card report?? regards
  12. Hello OLD-Codja Thanks for your reply. I will write a sincere apology and do a recorded delivery. But i have one more question. Would i get into trouble because of my friends action of reporting the card as being stolen. And the terrifying scenario will be that if he maintains that lie just to keep his discount and tell the authorities that i lied to them! regards
  13. Hello HB and rebel11 Thank you for the replies and I will model my letter accordingly. My only mitigation is that I am a final year student and a criminal record could affect my career prospects. So is it best to just apologise generally and don't tell them the amount of times I have used?? regards
  14. Hello Rebel11 I will apologise that is for sure. But they haven't said I have lied or did they mention the card was reported stolen. My friend knew i was using his card. So i defo didn't lie to tfl on that, Just on the number times I used. I am still thinking whether to apologise generally or come clean with the number times i have used the card. I know settling out of court is of the scale for me. I just don't want to be in jail for this matter. regards
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