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  1. Hi, I signed myself and my girlfriend up for gym memberships back in June of this year. I then had some financial difficulties and couldn't pay the gym memberships. I had no idea how to deal with letters for both my girlfriend and myself, I have spoke to Harland's a few times and tried paid them a few times. Although they keep adding charges I had no idea till this evening that I didn't have to be paying these. They passed my account on to another company crs I think, I have moved home and have no letters or correspondence will them. All I know now is I'm due to pay £40+ on the 10th of this month to fix arrears and charges on my account this is a repeat payment till June of 2015 and another £38 on the 17th for my girlfriends arrears and charges. I will silly and naive and also my girlfriend was some what worried when we received these letters. After reading posts on the forum tonight I wonder if anyone could give me my best course of action as I feel I am being took advantage off. Thanks
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