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  1. Just an update, Lee from Vodafone called me, and he will pass on the case to quality assurance see if the team can remove the default early for me. Lets finger crossed! In between, as this default doesnt show on Experian or Equifax, will all these contact with VF trigger the alert to Experian or Equifax? Anyone knows? Many thanks Sisi
  2. It is actually quiet urgent, I really appreciate Lee can look into my case asap. Many thanks Sisi
  3. Hi, silverfox, thanks for the reply. The termination fee was about £900, awful a lot. As I am in the process of applying mortgage already, I really need to get this sorted, therefore I prefer to pay the outstanding amount to keep them happy. I have contacted Vodafone and the debt collector, and yes, the debt was passed on a debt collector in Feb 2009, debt collector passed the debt back to Vodafone in May 2009. When I spoke VF customer service, they say the account was cancelled in Feb 2009. They sent couple of letter, but I have never received any... funny enough...The default only show
  4. Hi there, I have read some useful posts here, therefore, i followed the instruction and sent Vodafone an email already regarding my problem. basically, something happened 5 years ago with Vodafone, (after yesterday lots of conversation with vodafone customer services, online chat, according to the customer services, there was early termination fee imposed on my account, but i have been moving around of course, didn't receive any letters from Vodafone to say the outstanding balance and so on, so it has been overlooked.) Now, i am applying mortgage to buy my first home, i checke
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