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  1. I tried to get the BOS but with no success, I ask the Automoney office and they said "yes I have it here" but would not let me have a copy. So I find that rubbish, they said they send a default letter but never received one even though our post was on for redirecting. I feel I need to report this to the fca as it was a total mess from beginning to end. No 1/3 rd of the loan hadn't been paid £600 was borrowed and the guy who turned up 03.30 hrs asked me for £1560 . If anyone else has anything else that may help me please
  2. i had a loan out on my car, which my son was supposed to have paid as it was for his wedding. Long story short, we moved and I forgot to tell Automoney where we had gone to , but I did receive a couple of emails not long after we moved to say that the loan had not been paid for 2 months. I got onto my sno and he said he would sort it. 03.30 hrs we are awoken by the dog barking. I looked out of the window and there is a guy dragging my car off the driveway and onto the back of a tow truck we got to the front as qiuck as we could as I am disabled, he just
  3. Hi, yes my housing benefit is still being paid not heard anything from them since the visit. So I have obviously been through this for nothing, I knew I hadn't done anything wrong but I think I needed reassurance that I had done all the right things. Thanks everyone it is appreciated
  4. It is not strange at all Mcall I have gone down the correct channels by going through the letting agency and paid my deposit and month upfront and kept it at that since moving in. I have been charged the same rent as anyone else who could have rented the property so no it isn't strange.
  5. Hi Steve, thanks for that I forgot to say my brother suffers from bipolar depression, I do not know if that would help his case. Yes he would be able to set up a standing order .
  6. Hi Steve m, I have seen the notice it is for late rent only no other grounds given.
  7. F16 The tenancy started July last year, it was a shorthold assured tenancy (I think ) a deposit was paid and he received a letter from DPS . And it is a section 8
  8. Can someone please give me some advice, my brother came to see me today and told me his landlord had given him a section 8 eviction . He is a private tenant, looks after the property. He pays his rent but it has been about 5 days late 4 times out of the last 6 months. I was wondering is there anything he can do to stop this eviction happening, he suffers from depression and panic attacks. He is a good lad and doesn't mean any harm . When he asked his landlord what would happen to him if he has not found anywhere to live by the time comes to be moving out. The landlord said section 8 is a legal
  9. Hi, Thanks everyone for your advice, my cousin owns the house and we went through a letting agency as anyone would do. They did all the usual checks and we get treated like all other tenants. No special treatment for us. We do not get full housing benefit we have to pay half of the monthly rent. We have not heard anything from housing benefit since the visit so we do not know what is going on. But we are plodding along paying the rent to the agent and we only deal with the agency,so we are in the clear as we have been honest with the benefits from the start. No news is good news as my d
  10. Hi, my other half has a loan with them and missed 2 payments due to ill health he us disabled and I am also. We needed the money for a emergency . At the time it seemed a good idea but now he is worried that the will be taken he is on a debt management plan now but doesn't know if he can put it on that. However it is worrying us because without the car we are both housebound. It was stupid thing to do but at the time he had no options. Also now he needs to change address on his v5 and doesn't know what to do
  11. Hi Ashmk sorry not been back on, I had a letter from my bank today about the payment to Fabshopper and they will not do anything because the company have already taken the money. So I am screwed over by them both .
  12. Hi, This case is like someone I know, even though you have been to prison unfortunately the overpayment still has to be paid back. So if you are not claiming benefits now try can attach a overpayment deduction on any benefits you get in the future. Being sent to prison is the criminal side of it , the other is repayment which still has to be paid but if they take you to court they can not send you to prison again. But they can make it a court order for repayment
  13. Yesterday I had a housing benefit visit asking me questions about how I paid my rent who did I pay my rent to etc, then they asked if I was related to the letting agent which I am not , but then she asked me if I was related to the house owner which yes I am, I told her I went through the letting agent as we all wanted it to be done above board and that we way we were doing nothing wrong. I claim housing benefit because I am disabled and my husband is retired .I receive income related esa and he gets his pension. She was ask me why did I want to move into this house. Well it is a bungalow and
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome and the link which if I had known about before I would never had used the company. I will know in future to come on here first and see if people rate the companies or not.
  15. Hi, I paid by debt it card, I have spoke to my bank but they say I have to ask the company to send the money back to my card. Do no money and no coat
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