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  1. UPDATE: I have won 5 popla appeals after coercing POPLA code out of them via BPA. It is confirmed these guys are avoiding at all costs giving you the right to appeal or Popla codes. I have all the evidence and have raised a complaint with information commissioners office. I recieved over 21 threats and Expedion LTD sent 4 draft court papers with further threats. On no occasion did they follow the law, BPA code of practice or any common sense principles. These guys are cxxxxs. My advise is stick to your guns and do not be bullied.
  2. Hi Do you know if these guys can be prosecuted for fraudulent use of the 2012 section 4 legislation. They are illegally demanding monies with threats! I am also waiting for confirmation from the management company that the contract is void which verbally they have stated. Apparently it is signed by another property advisement company and not the lease holders management company. If this is the case we will also pursue for trespass and vandalism. I now how picture of paint damage by 7 tickets. Thanks
  3. Hi, Please see attachments. I have today appealed to Poplar even though i do not have codes from ANPR. The letter explains that i do not have a right to appeal. I have spoke to them and and its clear they are not interested in going to court but threaten credit agencies and bad credit record. In my view they know the law and have chosen this line of communication to avoid appeals and allow for maximum threats. My son is a third year student which I have informed them of and I cannot pass these threats to him. I have been extremely worried until I see how they operate outside of the law.
  4. Hi, I want to advise other parking on private land victims, that APNR LTD are issuing incorrect notice to keepers in an attempt to void your chance of appeal. This also makes them even more unenforceable. As reg. keeper I now have 7 tickets for my bike used by my son and parked on his parking place at his FLAT. He should have a paper permit put on his bike apparently. Rain, theft? Their Notice to Keeper does not give me evidence, right to appeal, same discount period or 28 days to appeal. It also increases in cost. The use of this notice is to avoid you contacting Poplar where the
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