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  1. Dear Mr ----- ------ (Managing Director) In my grievence meeting on 19th December 2014 I explained I had worked overtime from January 2014 and not been paid for the work I have done I also asked Mr --- ---- If he needed my proof of payslips and the dates and times of overtime worked which I had to hand him with me. Mr --- --- Replied to me saying he does not need them as he already has copys of them. In which case if Mr -- - --- has copys of them I suggest he look further into it to notice the dates and times of overtime I have worked and to pay me for all that I am owed.
  2. Ok well what I can do is run you through it if that is of any help im underpaid over £300 from overtime ive done from January 2014 In my meeting my proof of payslips with the dates and times of overtime worked was refused by saying they already have copys of this This is the main reason why they have wrote the letter they have to me stating "They cannot find sufficient grounds to substantiate my grievance. And if I am to appeal I need to write the letter to Managing Director My deadline is 7 days from the letter date 29th december 14
  3. Also please can someone help me write a letter for appeal before this deadline is up
  4. They are now trying to get every employer on a fixed salary because at the moment in my contract I work only 8 hours per day (Note I cannot do more hours due to my working tax credits) what will happen if I refuse this new contract?
  5. Could anyone please help me to write a letter out for appeal. This would be the next step id want to take it to see if this would make any difference on their decision. Thanks everyone for the support and help through this tough process.
  6. Here is an example of some of the wage i get before tax Regular Pay 140.00 h @ 7.21 1009.40 Regular Pay 160.00 h @ 6.50 1040.00 Regular Pay 119.00 h @ 7.43 884.17 Bank Holiday 104.02 BH - 25/12/13 Holiday Pay 260.05 35.00 hours paid Regular Pay 140.00 h @ 7.43 1040.20 Regular Pay 133.00 h @ 7.43 988.19
  7. I have worked here for 2 years in august 2015. The total amount of overtime comes to £312 But they have always messed with my hourly rate one min its 6.19 per hour then the next its at 7.21 then its now at 6.50 My line manager told me that I would be on 7.21 per hour after the 3 months trial period because I am a driver yet they have more offen than not just paid me the 6.50 I questioned this as to why they kept changing my hourly rate of pay and the hours ive actually worked and got told that its more appealing to new people for job advertising purpose but the wage is the same
  8. Hey Sabre where would you personally take it from here because I am at my wits with them its getting me stressed out not just this but other things such as work load they pile onto me is ridiculous and im expected to do it and also I have now just found out that they have been underpaying my actual wages only paying me £6.50 for driving job yet when I signed up for the job it is 35 hours a week £7.21 an hour
  9. Had meeting on 19th december they said the result of the outcome will be decided by peninsula. Today I received the following letter.. Note: In the meeting on 19th december I told them that the last underpayment had been sorted and that its just the underpaid overtime that needs correcting. I also offered my payslips with the dates on and times to prove to them I had not been paid but this was refused by stating they already had copys of them. Can anyone kindly help me as to what steps I should now take? Thank you
  10. Quick update: meeting postponed till next week due to lack of evidence.. I need to print off my payslips to show them
  11. I have requested for all my time sheets because I have no proof and they said can only print out what I've been paid for that month
  12. Another member of staff is in the same situation as me so if I call him to sit in with me he can also express that he was not paid either??
  13. They already have a list of my dates and times and they also have my payslips.. This was given to my line manager and also emailed to them.
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