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  1. Thankyou for your reply. He spoke to them, mainly because he didn't know what else to do, and thought talking to them was a normal thing to do! But of course it probably wasn't , and even I am learning just in this last day or two, the do's and don'ts, which I had no idea about either. Will speak to my son, and have the CCA guide letter to hand, ready to send. Again, thanks for your reply, already feel better and feel like we are taking some kind of control back, despite how it may turn out!! But we have nothing to lose.
  2. Thankyou, I will be speaking to him tomorrow, and will ask him to go to Noddle, and probably have to work through the process with him. Will get back to you asap. And Thankyou again for your reply.
  3. Reading your account of what has happened to you, sound very similar to what is happening with my son. Can you tell me what is best to send to Robinson Way. A CCA request or SAR request? And I gather no more telephone conversations. Have you been able to get anywhere with any of this?
  4. My son owed money to HSBC for credit card and overdraft. He became very ill with arthritis, genuine, and is on TNF and Methorexate. Went onto disability pension, but up until the time he collapsed, he was paying all this bills. This is going back 8 years. His account has been passed to a couple of companies I think, but is now with Robinson Way. They tell him the pay out figure is something like £3500, but an agreed figure is approx £2700. He asked if that would be the last of the harassment if he could pay that (he can't), and if his name would be clear, and the account settled. The girl at Robinson Way wasn't sure!!! Essentially he doesn't know how to proceed. I believe he is paying something nominal each month, but it appears the interest continues to be going on the amount. He has been to Citizens Advice, and was thinking of going bankrupt, but they say the amount is too little to consider bankruptcy. My son thinks if he pays the amount (which he still can't) then his name will be cleared. I doubt this, as he now has a bad payer record, which will last for years, so to go bankrupt is much the same in the long run. It is a mess, and my son tries very hard, but is not very academic, so I am trying to find out if there is anyway around this, whether it is paying a lower agreed amount, and clearing the debt (don't trust Robinson Way), or actually finding out if he is still liable for the amount. He also had a car at the time, and according to the loan was able to sell it, which he did, and paid the loan company the money. He continued to pay what was left, and then after 6 years or so, the loan was finalised, although the full amount was not paid. CAB did explain to my son why that was. So mainly he does not know what way to go now. I want to help him, but don't want to make a mistake, and my friend who has used this site said it was invaluable. She spoke of templates etc., so has anyone else been in a similar position? I got a bit confused reading the posts, and the legal side of what templates are best for what. Or is it a set procedure? Thanks anyone who can point us in the right direction.
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