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  1. Hi I am a first time poster and I am looking for some advice Last November I received a letter from Northampton County court relating to a claim from Wright Hassle acting on behalf of Cabot claiming £9k from an original credit card I had with Marbles. I defended the claim and made a CPR request to Wright Hassle, Cabot and Marbles. I received notification from the court that my case has been allocated to the small claims court. Marbles responded to my CPR with a package of statements dating from 2003 to date. They have not supplied my original agreement as requested and cannot find my statements from 2000 (the year I originally took out the credit card) to 2003. According to Marbles my balance on December 2014 is £6k. Running through my statements I have paid £1,500 in PPI. Running through the interest they put on the PPI and the interest owed to me if I made a PPI claim the sum comes to around £3k that should be deducted from the balance. Wright Hassle have sent me a letter that they intend to pursue the case. Do I; Defend the claim in its entirety as they cannot provide my original agreement and cannot find 3 years worth of my statements (although I am not sure of my legal standing on this). Contact Cabot and offer to settle at £3k (The original debt of £6k – the £3k PPI). I would be grateful for any advice.
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