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  1. Not sure what you mean by threat o gram? I openly admit my son was silly signing and should never have done so, he was and still is 17. Letter was received from the company, recorded delivery to my son demanding payment and potential costs (see top of thread) if he didn't pay within 7 days. No previous letters were received, only phone calls from the 'league manager''.
  2. I have tried talking to them again and again but there is never anyone who will take my call, no one returns my calls despite my increasing requests to do so. I ended up writing to them today in the format you suggested with a gesture of goodwill payment of the arrears, requesting immediate cancellation of the contract as my son is a minor, cannot sign or be responsible for the team due to his age. It also invalidates their insurance . Despite this the 'area' guy who runs the teams wants them to continue playing! Offering to reduce the costs! I appreciate my son was wrong in signing but can th
  3. Thank you very much. I will get onto it this later afternoon. I will also make a donation to you for you kind and prompt help. I need to get on with my 'day job' now but will be back later. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi He only ever signed online, never face to face The age requirement is under the signature strip onlne. The costs etc are showing on the site and contracts, the web site is soccersixes dot net to register a new team and all is there. Please ley me know anything else you need. Regards
  5. Hi everyone. I have just found out that my son has signed to play in a soccersixes league which started at the beginning of the season. Like many young people he didn't read the small print etc. Over time the interest to play has wained and he struggles to get a team together, when he does they don't want to pay! Over time arrears have built up and he has now received a demand notice to pay up or they will issue a ccj and add on all late due, monies due to the end of the season and court costs. Owes £117.55 Remaining fixtures £351 Court costs if c
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