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  1. Gallery, Please enlighten us as to how your deposit is protected with her and also are you dealing with her directly as LS as both of the companies are being struck off. In addition, the first posts about troubles with regards deposit goes back to the 19th September 2013, so quite a while ago. Legislation states: "From 6th April 2012, deposits for all assured short hold tenancies (ASTs) in England and Wales must now be protected within 30 calendar days of receipt by the landlord, this change is as a result of the Localism Bill 2011." Clearly with M&am
  2. Interesting posts Gallery. Given that the office in Paddock Wood is closed, the website is down, the domain name is for sale and the amount of people on here that are owed either rent, deposits or both from LS, how are you dealing with her? Where exactly is she advertising for you and most importantly, how is she protecting your deposits? It may be a help if you could provide more information to back up your claims. Thanks
  3. I think that the two of them are now playing tennis with the address! LS will be trying to cover her tracks, but JC did us all a huge favour by registering the company to her address as now the bailiffs know where to go!
  4. SPM001, are you now saying that all of this is a direct result of the actions of Jon Clements? Given what has been going on I would very much doubt that Lucy would have any contact with the police, just as she never took action against the IP addresses, all done to threaten people to leave her alone. If this truly is the case, could those posting on here please confirm if they have been paid in full?
  5. Hi hoverman, I have searched but cannot find anything for sale or under offer at the addresses I have found online, could you please help us with the information? Cougar69, Jon is as guilty as she is, the only chance he may have is if he were to come forward and assist the authorities with their investigation, best of luck with that. If the house is under offer then she will vanish. Everyone who has lost money to this bully should go directly to the police and push for a full investigation, if she is arrested it would make life easier for all of you get something out o
  6. It sounds as though the damage has been done whilst he was working there, it will be difficult for him to claim he knew nothing of her actions, if the police do get involved then he will be standing alongside her. Why does the one in St Leonard's look exactly the same?
  7. The difficulty that everyone who is owed money will face is when they wind everything up, she sells and then vanishes, common practice these days. People need to act, small claims are very efficient and its relatively easy to do, just fill out the forms and get them into court. I would suggest taking them both to court. From earlier posts it would appear that no actually knows which comapny they were trading under? Any ideas on that? The police do need to be notified and your missing rent monies reported as theft, I would be intrigued to know more about the charges on her proper
  8. The rent and deposit will be two different matters. Collecting the rent for several months and failing to pass it onto you is theft. Go to the police and report it as such, do not let them fob you off with action fraud as fraud is different to theft. It sounds as though M&W have been taking people's deposits claiming that they are secure and then not returning them, that can be read as a fraudulent act. Jon was a director of the comapny at the time it was trading and he will be liable, however it's an LLP and its being wound up so good luck, I would imagine he is distancing himself from th
  9. Interesting reading. Firstly, not too hard to find her, all of the information you need is in the public domain. You know her name, Lucy Sly, so search for her under director check, it's free. You should come up with four results. All companies she has set up. Now look at the registered addresses, one will be her residential address, although she has probably changed the name of the house, so, go to the neighbours, she is bound to be known. The way I see it, the company is closed or closing, nothing in the PW office and notice in the window, and OC385074 is being struck
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