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  1. Thank you, i will try this template letter, adjusting it accordingly.
  2. Hi it seems crazy the amount of charges they lump on to me at the moment, its increasingly difficult to keep them at bay for example, here is a copy from the Very catalogue 02 Mar 2015 Debt Collection Letter Fee £12.00 - 07 Mar 2015 Missed Minimum Payment Fee £12.00 - 07 Mar 2015 Account Interest £13.68 i owe them £164 in one payment £115 are arrears, their version of helping you is to place further fee's putting you deeper in debt, until there are more money going out in fee's than the payment for the product you were paying fo
  3. Thank you for your help i got the spreadsheet and i am now fishing out all my admin fees from 2007 onwards from fashion world, littlewoods & very.co.uk, some statements are missing, but i do still have quite a few left which were buried in my loft somewhere which i never thought i would need, when i see just how much these people make off credit charges, admin charges & late fees, i am shocked, they always seem to come up with a fee for something, so a minimum monthly payment can be a basic £30, but when all the fees and credit charges are put on it ends up being £76 which is ridiculou
  4. Well so far on fashion world since July this year i have had 3 admin charges of £12 each and six credit charges ranging from £4:50 to £17:00 what can i do about them, no wonder these people make a fortune, any idea's? Thank you for your input by the way
  5. Hi i am brand new to this forum, i have a question, i began purchasing goods from fashion world about 3yrs ago, also Littlewoods & very.co.uk, however i have noticed that my minimum payments seem to be going up, yet i pay regular upon looking close, there are so many credit charges that vary and late fees of £12, no wonder it keeps rocketing have i entered into a written agreement with them, i found this on fashion worlds website If we enter a credit agreement with you, we will also supply details of your agreement with u
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