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  1. Excellent news, i presume that was the branch manager, i might try the same approach as you?
  2. I think you may be able to argue a technicality, in that clause 6 states ' Did not use car park provider's premises', you did and you have the receipt to prove you did. My topic has been linked to here and by way of update (as my case is very similar to yours) i returned to staples to ask if they could approach JAS on my behalf. They stated that i should appeal it, also that the car park does not belong to them, it is a third party owned. As such, how can you visit the car park providers premises when that premises is located elsewhere? May be worth asking your Staples branch if they own the car park? Canon user
  3. Will continue to follow that thread, just didn't want to 'hijack' it, thanks.
  4. Hi guys, question from a newbie. I have received a ticket from JAS Parking Solutions whilst in Staples car park in Ipswich yesterday, 28th Nov. It was attached to my windscreen and was issued for the following; 1. unauthorised parking, 6. not being on premises at time of issue I needed to collect a parcel from the post office and intended to use their parking, due to an unforseen road closure i could not do this and did not have change for the local pay and display. After 20 mins in the queue, i decided to use Staples car park to pop over the road and then buy something from Staples to justify the stay. Upon leaving the shop, i found the notice on the windscreen. Given that there are signs and i can make no appeal on that basis, i thought of contacting JAS as registered keeper, to say the driver had informed me of a ticket and we intend to pay £5.00 as a goodwill gesture to cover the loss incurred by JAS (ink, ticket, wallet and five minutes time of warden). Staples have suffered no loss as the car park was near empty and i parked away from the store entrance. I am thinking that the charge of £94.00 reduced to £56.40 for prompt payment is excessive and in no way constitutes a realistic estimated loss to either JAS or Staples. I would also point out that their warden had to see me leave the vehicle in order to issue the ticket, therefore, should they not have challenged me, given their duty is to mitigate loss to their company before resorting to issue of ticket? Any thoughts? Canon user
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