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  1. Hi did anyone reach any conclusions with M&W? Is anyone struggling to get any reply? We are very keen to get the ball rolling and do a collective grouping of all the information, to potentially go full force as a group. Thanks
  2. Thank you for this, very helpful. I have contacted them in addition to this to explain our situation with them as well.
  3. Just an update that M&W Property Consultants Ltd striking off action has been stopped due to objection received by the Registrar.
  4. We have made a claim to action fraud. We have also spoken to the police and he informed us that it must go through action fraud and the more people who make a claim about the same company the more evidence can be gathered together. It will take time but it is the right action to take in this situation for some sort of resolution.
  5. Yes we contacted Companies House stating that they owe debt and are illegally withholding funds - you have 3 months from the date 12th January, so if any one else has outstanding payment please contact them as soon as possible via email/letter.
  6. There is no legitimate reason why so many customers are not getting their money back, they are not doing their duty as an agent and are illegally withholding money. That's why Jon would prefer to call as he thinks no one will find out.
  7. None of our money has been returned by Jon Clements or Lucy Sly, several months rent has not been passed onto us and the deposit is not being returned to our tenant - a sum of over £7000. We have spoken to the police and made a record which they are investigating. Our solicitor has sent letters to both of them, all ignored so we are taking further action. Just to add that as soon as I posted on this forum Jon called me asking me to take my comments down.
  8. We have NOT been paid, Lucy Sly owes us over £7000. We urge everyone she owes money to, to come forward so we can build a stronger case against her and Jon Clements. We have already started the legal proceedings and have also spoken to watchdog, as well as giving a case to action fraud who have given us a National Crime Reference Number (NFRC141200874065) in case anyone wishes to call them and add any information. We also visited Jon's office and it looks like that is for sale too. We gave both Jon and Lucy much warning of our actions, all of which was ignored, so they cannot get away with keeping client money illegally.
  9. 'Advising lawyers' means we are getting advice from the lawyers about the most appropriate action to take in this case. We filed a case with action fraud and there are others that have done so too. Lucy Sly and Jon Clements are illegally withholding client money.
  10. This is a continuation to the thread that was previously closed entitled Letting Agent not pretected tenants deposits (M&W). We were wondering if there are people out there who are still owed money by Lucy Sly and Jon Clements? We are a landlord and at this time, they are not returning the entire deposit to our tenant and several months rent has not being passed to us therefore they owe us over £7000. We have spoken to the police, action fraud and have advised lawyers. Are there landlords in similar situations? We are going to visit Jon's Office in St. Leonards next week. Has anyone been there?
  11. Yes it is held with mydeposits, we want it returned to the tenant. I was assured by the agency that it was re-registered but now it says it is unprotected. On top of this they owe us a few months rent payment, equivalent to 3 months salary, which was promised to be sent but delayed due to 'computer systems' and now no contact at all. Jon says he has no responsibility over it at all and that he is not a director.
  12. Hi, I am a landlord and I have had several issues with M&W, especially Lucy Sly. She has said she is 'unwell' and no longer part of the office and is now completely out of reach. They still owes us some rent payments and the deposit payment. I am told the deposit cannot be released without her permission and she is no where to be found. Any advice? Is anyone else dealing with such problem now? Thanks
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