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  1. sorry..it says parking charge and debt collection x
  2. I am reading the information I have been given and someone suggested I write to them. I cant believe that totally ignoring a parking fine like this will just go away i hope you can understand how scared that makes me feel in case it goes up and up and they do take me to court. I have been made redundant from work and unemployed. I am listening to whats being said but I am scared too x
  3. Thank you everyone, I have taken on board what you have said and I will write to them again...I have 7 more days till they put my fine up too £100 which they will do, so fingers crossed x
  4. DBC .They have sent me POPLA code for me to appeal against their rejection, but they also state that if I appeal it would progress any appeal and would nullify any discounts that remain and should I lose may incur further costs x
  5. It was issued on Friday 21st November in Wallasey cherry tree centre car park ...Paid for my ticket and put it on the dashboard it had started raining and gale force winds. I Shut the door and looked to see if the wind had blown it off the dashboard and it hadnt so I can only assume the winds rocked my car and it fell off. I was honest with them and told them this. I appealed on the same day and 7 days later (today) I got a letter back from them saying 'it fell off again' along with there photographic evidence all goes towards confirming the incident and actually weakened any argument you may of considered you had.. .it goes on to say that an amazing 97% unconsciously look back at their vehicle to see if the permit was actually still on display when the door has been closed. ..in light of the above and they do sympathise but I still have to pay which is £50 if I pay within 14 days or £100 if I dont x
  6. Pretty sure its not a spoof its ANPR LTD based in preston and thats who I rang x
  7. Just rang them up, its private and they said I dont have a case because my ticket wasn't displayed x
  8. Its a PCN and I sent them the pay and display ticket I bought in the machine x
  9. I received a parking ticket a week ago after my pay and display fell off my dashboard. I appealed against it and sent them proof of payment they wont accept it because I told them that as far as I remember it was still on the dashboard when I walked away. I also explained it was gale force winds and my small car would of rocked with it and thats when it must of fallen off but they arn't interested. .Is there anything I can do?
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