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  1. Hey guys, heres an update of my circumstances. just got a letter from Zinc saying I have an outstanding amount of 387.60 ( has raised a lot since last time). They are also offering me a one off payment of 290.70. Any advice on what should I do? Thanks, Kris
  2. Hello Again, So the story continues. I came back to the UK on the 16th. I just got a call from CRS. They told me that I owe them around 380 pounds. I explained that I am not paying that, and that Harlands fees are unenforceable etc. The lady told me, that she does not have my correspondence with Harlands and does not know what I am talking about. I gave them my new address and that I am not paying anything. She said I should make written submissions to collection@creditresultion.co.uk and that they will pursue the matters further. Any advice on what should I do?
  3. Will do slick. Any idea what are the chances of them obtaining a CCJ against me? Also, should I send them proof of address just in case, attached to the email? Thanks for your help!
  4. Update: Got this email today, I took them some time, usually they reply within a couple of hours. "We can confirm that your membership will not be terminated as you are still within your contracted period. Your are more than welcome to seek legal advice on the matter. " Any ideas? I can get proof of address from my bank, stating my new address abroad, if anyone thinks that will help. Also I can't help but notice that they do not mention anything about any fees, charges etc. Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks slick. I will send the email first thing in the morning and keep you updated. I appreciate the help
  6. Hey, Thanks for the help so far. I did send the gym the proposed email, and got back an email from Harlands saying that, if I do not contact them before 10. Dec, further action will be taken on my account. What does that even mean? More ridiculous £25 charges? Any advice/ideas on what should I do? Thanks
  7. Just got this, rather rude email lol: "I am so sorry that you didn't understand the following key sentences, "Just to confirm, I have asked Harlands to freeze your membership in August and September. Unless I hear from you, payments will resume again on the 21st October so if you need your membership freezing further please let me know in late September or by very early October." It is not possible for Harlands to freeze students' memberships for an indefinite period which is why I asked you for dates that you would be away and wrote the above. The agreemen
  8. Its on it way. I really appreciate your help
  9. Update: Just got this email from the gym. Any advice on how should I act? "Thank you for your email. As you will see from our correspondence below, we agreed to freeze your membership in August and September. If you needed to extend this freeze, or indeed cancel your membership, I asked you to let me know. If you had needed to cancel it I would have asked you for some proof as to the change of your address - as stipulated in your contract. You did not contact either myself or Harlands and hence your membership resumed in October. Because you did not
  10. I will send the email first thing in the morning and keep you posted. Thank you very much for your help!
  11. Wel,l I may when i get back. My flight is on the 16 of Jan. I will decide by then. I am only worried about the last email. Does the fact that I did not reply mean that I have agreed to it? I am also worried about them claiming the 2 DDs for Oct and Nov. It was an MMA gym, so the fee was 70 per month. I certainly do not want to pay them. They did not get any of them as I had no money in my acc in Oct, and I canceled the DD immediately after I saw the failed transaction.
  12. Both to the gym, I never knew who Harlands were at that point.
  13. In July, I sent them an email stating I want my membership frozen, as I will leave the country to start an internship abroad. I said that the membership ends in Sept. But I also said that I do not know when I will be back. My exact words were "I am not really sure when I will be back. The internship ends on 20th of September." I told them when the internship ended, only to indicate that that will be the minimum period. A few days ago, I saw that she did reply to my email in July saying "Unless I hear from you, payments will resume again on the 21st October so if you need your membership
  14. Hello. I stumbled upon this forums and read a lot. I found it very useful and would like to share my issue here and see if I can get any help. I joined a gym in May and agreed a Direct Debit with Harlands for a minimum of 6 months. Our agreement provides me with an option to freeze/cancel it if I move away from the gym ( a couple of miles). In July I left the country and told the gym that I want my membership frozen as I am going abroad for an internship, which ends in Sept, but I may stay longer and don't know when I will be back. A few days ago I had my post forwarded to me by
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