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  1. yes its the same thread i just could not find the post so started a new one as i am not that good with lap tops and being on the net, i hold my hands up i tryed to keep it simple this time as i am not sure if i have the NTK
  2. its private parking ticket from a hospital carpark, its a mobility car so if its wrong at the dvla its not me to blame, mobility sort that not me and they do know my correct address as i get letters from them
  3. hi all i am not sure what to do i will try and make it simple in september 2014 i got a parking charge notice on my car , i have since found out they have the wrong address they must of sent the notice to keeper to that address as i have never got one. i have just got a letter still wrong address but the postman knows me so it was posted to my house, from TPS solicitors saying ( letter before claim ) my point is would this PNC be void as its got the wrong address ? or is the NTK is invalid as it has not been served within the 56 days timeline therefore i do not have to name the driver ? also do i contact the solicitors to tell them they have the wrong address what do you think i should do next thanks everyone for your time:wink:
  4. yes i have the NTK letter, but got it 70 days after getting ticket even tho its wrong number but right street it came to my house i think its because one of the postmen knows me , we have different postmen each day .
  5. i am going to sit tight and wait and see what happens !!!! parking soulutions have the wrong number but right street if i do not contact them could it still go to court ? the chap who lives where my letter is addressed to would just put them in the bin as he is drunk most of the time and never goes out , but could it go to court and if it did and the bailiffs turned up could they my take stuff even tho it would be right name right street but wrong house number ? thankyou everyone for your advice
  6. yes silver fox i am not that good at explaining things sorry about that but yea i got 2 letters at the same time yesterday 70 or so days after the pnc was on my window screen. the dates on the outside of the envelopes have stamp marks that were for last month but they were not royal mail date stamps but parking solutions stampdate marks also the letters dates inside are the same dates within a day of the envelopes, thanks for your time .
  7. also as i said the letters have the wrong number on the address looks like the dvla have the wrong address as the car is a motability car and there may of been a mix up as it was swapped to me in feb due to my mother passing away , could it be void due to this or do i tell parking solutions its the wrong number but right street
  8. just one more thing i do not think i have got the notice to keeper as the first letter that came today dated 22/10/14 does not say NTK on it, it just says charge notice in red and reminder in red. then it says having checked the vehicle with the driver and dvla we are writing to you because ether you were the registered keeper at the time of parking, or the reg keeper has named you as the driver at the date and time when a PCN was fixed onto the vehicle after having breached the following parking terms and conditions ... is this a notice to keeper
  9. sorry i mean that i been told after 56 days i do not need to name the driver who parked it there not the keeper
  10. hope some one can help me i got a parking charge notice on my car window while parking at a hospital the notice was given on the 18/09/2014 i have just got 2 letters today to at same time 27/11/14 from TPS 70 days later the first dated 22/11/14 ? on the envelope the second 20/11/14 i can not understand this as they both came in the post today , the dates on the envelopes are not the post office stamps but there own ? i have been told that under the freedoms act they must send a notice to keeper first with in 56 days or i do not need to name the keeper is this true ? also the first letter says charge notice reminder and the second final reminder also they have the wrong address not sure why or how ? i think they are trying to pull a fast one , i will not go into the reason why the car was parked there as its a long story but i feel this is wrong and i am willing to fight to the end ..... ... thanks everyone
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