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  1. OK its finally over. The court have confirmed that parkingLIE have pulled out of the case. I have actually spent rather a lot of money on special deliveries and copying etc. Am I able to put in a claim to get this back? After all I did not ask for all this to happen? Someone said to me that i couldnt make any sort of claim as it was small claims fasttrack. Any ideas please?
  2. id like to thank each and every one of you who took time out to post on here and offer help. Today , just 5 days before the court date, I had a letter saying that parking eye now consider the matter closed. the court date is cancelled. I AM surprised as i really thought id be seeing them in court next week, but goes to show all their tactics are based on intimidating people, and that if you stand up to them then the will back down. Im now going to look into getting back my costs for all the postage and printing ive had to do, and hours ive put to it, but i wont hold my breath!
  3. I understand the beavis v PE case appeal was heard in march but cant seem to find out what the end verdict was....does anyone know yet?
  4. well, their evidence bundle has arrived so it looks like it really is going to court. have to say im surprised! there's nearly 100 pages of waffle, photos of carparks etc (not with me in it i hasten to add!) and also a copy of parking eye v Beavis and Wardley. so you were right about that ericsbrother plus pages of a court case parkingeye v somerfield stores.....bit odd that one, plus Pages of a copy of an appeal from the upper tribunal (tax and chancery dept).....again I have no idea what that is about? any one else had all this in an evidence bundle? beginning to wish id just paid it now instead of listening to all those people who told me not to as they would never take it to court for a mere £100 :(
  5. thanks erics brother. cheaper than £155 as well:smile: this is own witness statement that im about to send to court and claimant pre court appearance..... have i included all the relevant legalese I need? Don't want this to go wrong! I arrived at the car park of the Holiday Inn, Taunton on August 15th 2014 at approximately 06.55 to collect my friend Miss B....,and her dog. I sat in my vehicle registration number xxxxxx while she put her dog in the vehicle and then we left immediately. Neither of us noted any signs saying we could not do this. We spent the day travelling in the vehicle xxxxxto Wales (see toll crossing voucher enclosed page 6) where we exhibited at Welsh kennel Club Show (see evidence of our attendance on pages 2 and 3) and the vehicle xxxxxx was in Wales all day until approx 19.40 when I dropped my friend miss x back at the carpark for her partner to collect her again. The vehicle was not left or unattended for any period of time, as alleged by the claimant. I have requested evidence of the allegation from the claimant(see page 1 and 1a) but none was received. I believe the facts stated in this witness statement are true
  6. thanks dragonfly........I intend to battle it to the last in court, but whether I what you would actually call "properly defending it" I have no idea, so I hope that my naievity doesn't lose the case for me
  7. well the court have sent back my n244 as apparently they want me to pay £155 to have the case struck out? I dont have that amount to spare or to throw at this ridiculous farce so have had to give up
  8. oh definitely "prepared to play" LOL......just want to play a game I know that i can win! Well im sending off my request today, to have it struck out as they havent supplied either the proof of their right to act on behalf of H/Inn, OR the footage I asked for. hope Im doing the right thing.
  9. the latest on this is that PE did not reply to my CPR 31.14 request ( \asking for their contract with holidayinn and photo evidence of me staying 13 hours). Do i now send off a N244 asking judge to strike it out? My evidence has to be at court and with claimant by 20th march. hearinf is 21 april. Im slightly worried! also i had assumed (silly I know) that the case was purely because they said id been there 13 hours (which I hadnt) but I notice now theyy say at the end of particulars of claim, that i was parked in breach of other T&Cs (ie carpark only for those using the bar and hotel).......would the fact i didnt get out of the car count as parking? Am I screwed??!
  10. thanks Ericsbrother, thats what I was planning, but just wasnt sure at what stage I sent all my evidence off (ie toll ticket and written witness statements). Now or when a hearing date is allocated?
  11. do i send that off with the paperwork saying i dont want mediation, or do I wait until the court ask for evidence?
  12. can anyone tell me if this is the correct format for the CPR31.14? Dear Sirs, Reference Claim Number:xxxxxxx Request for documents mentioned in a statement of case under CPR 31.14 On XX i received a County Court claim from yourselves of which I have acknowledged receipt indicating my intention to defend in full. To enable me to file my defence and/or counterclaim, I require copies of the following documents, ahead of filing my defence . 1: a copy of your contract with the landlord (Holiday Inn) that entitles you to make legal claims in the name of Parking Eye 2. a copy of all of the captured data from the time I entered the carpark at Xam and for the following 30 minutes and for the thirty minutes prior to me leaving at the end of the day In accordance with CPR 31.15© I undertake to be responsible for your reasonable copying costs incurred in complying with this CPR 31.14 request. You should note that this claim has not yet been allocated to a specific track and the provisions of CPR 27(2) are of no effect.. You should ensure compliance with your CPR 31 duties and ensure that the document(s) I have requested are copied to and received by me within 7 days of receiving this letter. If you require more time in which to comply with this request you must tell me in writing and confirm your agreement to an extension of the time allowed for me to file my defence as allowed under CPR 15.5 so I may notify the court. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely
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