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  1. All seems to have gone extremely quiet on this in the press. Anyone know what happened/is happening with this court case? It looked at the end of February as though a fairly short court case was commencing, and it was well reported in the media, but since then, nothing (that I can see anyway)!
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm willing to consider whether I should get in touch with either UKCPS (or the car park owner). One reason I've ignored so far is that all 4 letters sent to my address so far have had the wrong name written on them. Without giving away my identity, they have misspelled my surname on every letter so that is actually a different (genuine) surname. On this basis, they have never actually sent any correspondence addressed to me, but to a different name that does not exist at my address (and in theory I shouldn't be opening post not addressed to
  3. Hi, My specific question is whether there is a time limit from the date of a parking "offence" and the date when a private company take court action? I received a ticket for an incident that happened on 10th January 2014 (short story: free car park, I left the premises temporarily to get money from an ATM for the shop in question, got a ticket 6 minutes after parking for leaving the premises). I have so far ignored all letters completely, that's my decision after reading up online whether or not that was the right thing to do, I've taken a punt on it being so. The
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