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  1. I'm now had my first letter from Zenith Collections, very generously offering me a reduced payment of £80. I see that Zenith are the same company as Debt Recovery Plus. I assume I'm OK to continue to not contact them in any way....
  2. As predicted by you good people above, following a couple more letters, I've now been given the generous opportunity, for a limited time only, to settle at a reduced rate! I enjoyed one of the sentences in the letter - "When taking any court action, our client must demonstrate that they have done as much as possible to settle this matter.". Yes, they've done lots apart from just ask the restaurant "did they have an agreement with you to park here?". That would have nipped it in the bud at considerably less expense to them!
  3. I've today received a letter from "Debt Recovery Plus" in relation to this issue, giving me until 5th March to pay up. Is it now time to do anything on this? I've not been back in York since the incident so have not been able to go and see the restaurant.
  4. Thanks, I shall sit back for a while, and if I find myself in York in the near future, will pay the restaurant a visit!
  5. Here's the chain of events, any advice appreciated! Thursday 23rd November 2017 - "An authorised driver" parked my wife's car in a restaurant car park in York, went in to the restaurant to ask if a payment could be made to park until Sunday 26th (Minster Baywatch didn't offer anything above a "3 hours + until 6am" option). £15 paid and a hand written receipt was issued, showing the registration number of the car, and confirming authorisation to park from 23rd to 26th. No other writing on the receipt that stated the receipt needed to be kept on display in the car.
  6. Am I only able to get a POPLA code if I'd had an appeal rejected? I haven't appealed to Euro yet as I went down the Morrisons route first. If that hadn't been succesful I was going to put an appeal in before the time limit for doing that expired.
  7. Update: My letter to Morrisons (and possibly subsequent twitter rants in their direction) appears to have worked! I have just received an email from Morrisons Customer Services stating that as a gesture of goodwill they have arranged with the parking company for the charge to be cancelled. I have replied asking if I will receive confirmation of this cancellation from Euro Car Parks, awaiting reply. Do I need to make sure that I do get something in writing from Euro, or should I now just sit back and do nothing? Thanks for the help so far....
  8. I've sent a version with about half of that on. I've saved the more "arsy" stuff for if I need a second letter .Let's see what happens....
  9. So you think I should just go with something basic along the lines of "I got a charge while I was shopping at your store, please cancel it or we shall take our business elsewhere" and pretty much leave it at that?
  10. Thanks. Here is the text of the letter I intend to send to Morrisons today. Does anyone have any advice please on parts I should change/add/delete? Hello, On the 25th October I received a Parking Charge Notice from Euro Car Parks, relating to the 15th October 2016, when my car was parked at your York Foss Islands Retail Park store for a little over the 3 hour parking limit. We have bank statements showing that we did shop at this store that day. Euro Car Parks have sent this speculative invoice to me as the owner of the car, I do not recall who the driver of the
  11. Thanks. If Morrisons have ended their relationship with ECP, does that mean they no longer have any authority to get ECP to cancel charges (invoices) though?
  12. Great, thank you! I have a draft letter to Morrisons typed up at home. I may post it here tonight to see if it's worded properly or if anyone would recommend alterations if that's OK...
  13. Can I just ask a further question. Is it still the case, as I believe it was a couple of years ago, that technically these companies can only legally attempt to claim compensation for the amount of money they lost as a result of the car being parked in that space (i.e. if it's a free car park, they didn't lose any money as none was due to be paid at the time)? Thanks
  14. Hi, I've received a PCN today from Euro Car Parks as my car was parked at their York store for 3 hours 31 minutes a few days ago, time limit is 3 hours. Yes, the car was there for that length of time, though I will not be stating here or anywhere else who was driving the car at the time (there are several people it could potentially be). The driver of the car did do shopping there during the visit, but did also do a few other things in and around the site of the car park during that time. I'm not sure yet if receipts are available to back this up, although 2
  15. Anyone know how this result might affect cases where a PCN has been issued in a free car park because the driver was seen leaving the premises? (i.e. no time limits exceeded)?
  16. OK thanks that clears that up, sounds like it's a valid (if annoying...) charge.
  17. Thanks for your reply. When you say there is a provision for "them" to charge a fee, would "them" include a property management company, or would it refer to the freeholder of the land? I guess I'm trying to draw a parallel here with private car parks, where a parking management company try and charge fees where it should really only be the land owner who has the authority to do so. I understand that the management company have a job to do, and I pay them well enough each month already for their services, I'm just trying to get my head around why they can charge me a "consent" fee fo
  18. Thanks, I don't think that will be an issue here, there's no suggestion from the property management company that the flat's shouldn't be let out, just that they want a fee when it happens.
  19. I own a flat (mortgaged) in a large block, so the property is owned by me on a leasehold rather than freehold basis. The flat is rented out to tenants. I pay a monthly fee to a property management company, who have recently started chasing me for an additional fee for "consent to sub-let". This is the first I have heard of such a fee in the near 8 years I've owned this flat. I have explained to them that the property is let to tenants, and is not sub-let. They have responded by saying that because the property is owned by me on a leasehold rather than freehold basis, that legall
  20. Thanks for the replies so far everyone. I'm guessing potential impending disaster for the PPCs was the reason why I received yet another "14 days to pay or we take you to court, no more chances" letter yesterday, the first one since I received exactly the same "14 days to pay or we take you to court, no more chances" threat was received early December (which I assumed was an attempt to fund the office christmas party).
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