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  1. thank you very much for the response. I am not protecting the garage but having logged a complaint with HSBC and if it does go to court in anyway i wouldnt want to jepodise the case by naming and shaming them on an internet forum - not even sure if that is the case... just being over cuasious i guess. I do like the car, but i am simply worried that what they are trying to do to the car will be a bodge job repair. I have zero faith in the company/garage. They are based on the side of the road and have several cars in the 'Showroom' which is basically in the back garden. however in t
  2. Hi All, this is my first post here so please bear with me. I am here for some advise and guidance as well as reassurance from anyone with any experiences they can can share. I live in Norfolk... and have been looking to buy a nice new car for myself for some time. the car will be used for work purposes (traveling around the country as a rep) as well as needed for two dogs and a small child. I found a Mercedes ML 320 sport online at a garage in Croydon, London. I spoke several times with the garage who assured me the car is an absolute gem. i obtained a loan from Tesco and travelled do
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