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  1. I received a cash voucher for £84.00 stating that the prepayment gas meter had been set up incorrectly and I have been paying too much for my gas (nice to admit you have made a mistake). I am fuming as I have asked so many times why I am putting in £30 to £35.00 a week in my gas considering I am out of the house atleast 10hours a day. This has been ongoing for years. I even asked them why no one has ever been out to read or check my meter in the 10years I have lived in my property. I emailed the ombudsman yesterday with a complaint and now await their response. I am no
  2. Hi Yes I also had a nosey round on the internet around freezing the interest and this too has been done. I have yet to address the GAP insurance but this week. I am now on my next item which is British Gas/Electric. I decided this year to address everything as I have no confidence but thank you so much as you have given me that gentle kick I needed
  3. Just for your information. I sent the finance co the letter as noted including an offer I can afford asking them to freeze all interest and this has now been accepted. Thank you so much for all your advice x
  4. Hi I have tried numerous times via british gas to get rid of both my gas and electric pre payment meters and they said because my credit score is low they will not do. I am putting £30.00 per week in my gas and £20.00 per week in my electric. I have never had my meters checked in the 10years I have lived at the property. I did have arrears but these were paid up around 5 years ago. I asked them to check my meters and they said I did not need to have this done. I am spending over £2000 per year yet my gas statement says £600.00 and electric £350.00. Please som
  5. Hi Step change told me they are a charity and do not take any money from myself. But as noted the amount they have asked for does not make sense
  6. Good morning. I have now delivered the car to a garage of advantage finance choice. I did seek support off a debt management team but for the debts I have it seems they are asking for far too much. They want to incorporate all my debts into one and want me to pay them £261.00 per month. After checking my arrears including what I have to pay back for the car it seems I will be dragging my other bills(not the car) out for 3 years and paying £9396 which makes no sense as my total arrears inc car is £7499. I am not sure where to go.
  7. Good morning I am actually now looking at trying to keep the car as per last note. Please could you advise
  8. Thank you soooo much for the advise and support I will not forget this and will pass this on
  9. Hi my first payment was Dec 2013 and every month since. I have not paid this months as yet. Thanks
  10. As i said firstly i bought a car in dec last year. My finance is with advantage. I phone them middle of this year to say i was struggling financially was told i have to pay 2years worth. I then noticed i was also paying an extra 40.00 this apparently was another insurance to enable me to get full value back. . I need to hand car back or due to a possession order on my house. My children and house are more important than the car. What do i do ???
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