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  1. Hi Guys back again , Recieved a letter from CRS . ..We regret that despite our attempts to reach an amicable resolution to your account, you remain in arrears to Xercise 4 less. We must therefore give notice that failing to reply to this letter within the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group Debt Recovery" Thought I'd heard the last from them! Paul.
  2. Hi, Sorry no just generic as you say. will just ignore for now. Many thanks,Paul.
  3. Hi,Yes letter is word for word as in your last post How long before they cease sending threatening letters ? Paul.
  4. Hi yes a reply giving me options....To Pay,Go to court and see what happens etc .Thanks Paul
  5. Hi Folks back again sorry Sent the letter template explaining that I would pay the one month fee of £9.99 Received a reply saying I was in breach of contract etc My options are 1 Legal action 2 Outsource to external agents In a previous letter they claimed I hadn't cancelled but on their advice did it online....they even replied by saying we are sorry you are leaving They have given me 10 days to reply Thanks Paul.
  6. Hi sorry my mistake should of been Nov 2016, Like I said I did cancel online in Feb 2017 and received a reply saying unfortunately my account was in arrears and had gone to recovery, I did what was asked ie cancel online but they've just ignored it, I cancelled due to not having the time and back and joint problems, Paul.
  7. Hi Morning all, Decided to join Exercise4less 4ish years ago,Went 3 times cancelled my DD Nov 2015 I know I didn't read small print regarding membership,recieved letter demanding £9.99 + £25.00 admin fee,So i called them up was told I would need to fill in an online cancellation form which I did, Ive heard nothing since until yesterday when letter arrived demanding £171 inc fees of £66.50 , Any advice appreiciated, Many thanks, Paul.
  8. Hi No levys bailiff not entered property not defaulted before,Spoke to council today they cant take case back under new rules,They wont accept payment because they then have to send payment to Rossendales to take off their fees and then return payment to council,Fee of £235 is for hand delivered letter demanding full payment,council employee mentioned there had been quite a few complaints today about the same bailiff.
  9. Hi. No never been in property just agreement to pay£100 per month over phone,Also disability not mentioned although council are aware she is disabled,Are Rossendales allowed to add more charges if payment(their charges) are late! .
  10. Hi,Yes they called round a couple of weeks ago but no one was in so they posted letter through,payments were resumed in mid oct,spoke to council they said they wouldnt refuse payment of318 to clear balance but just concerned if i do that are rossendales goin to add more charges,paul
  11. Hi all, Advice required please regarding bailiffs and charges, Some 18 months ago we fell into arrears with various bills etc, Rossendales were assigned to collect the arrears from us, we agreed to pay £100 per month which we have kept up with until sept of which 1 payment was missed due to various problems, The payments have now been resumed oct and nov, last week a letter from Rossendales demanding £553 now and threats of committal to prison. I have contacted the council and they say i only owe £318, I have the bailiff calling aggressively every other day demanding full payment, Now i can handle the calls but my wife who is disabled and in the house alone most days while i am at work is worried sick that they will come round when i am not in. can anyone out there advise please Paul.
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