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  1. Thank you so much, have written to them and hopefully they should be in touch shortly.
  2. If this post can help and deter people purchasing from DFS than I would not feel as bad as burning 3K on furniture’s bought from this con trader. Due to a chronic bank pain and my husband suffering from sciatica and being a loyal customer for over 20 years, we decided to change our furniture to something more comfortable. We were advised by 2 Advisors at DFS Croydon and directed to their sale items and recommended that instead of the normal 3 piece suite which would have cost us just under 1k to spent over 3k and buy swivel chairs. From the moment these items arrived, we knew they were unstable and unsuitable, we fill in an after sale survey, received a call and complaint that this was just not suitable for us. We suggested we were happy to pay for them under the Finance Agreement in exchange of what we should have purchased in the first place. Had a home visit arranged, were verbally insulted by the DFS Fitter and asked him to promptly leave our house. After sending the CEO Ian Filby, several emails which he completely ignored, I was unfortunate enough to deal with Matthew Howarth, Customer Services Manager, who in our opinion is wasted doing that job since he has no clues in how to deal with Customers in a courteous manner. To cut the story short, we have had to cancel our Direct Debit with the Finance Company since DFS refuses to pick up the items since in Matthew’s words he is not prepared to lose out and neither are we. He also refused to exchange the items so that we can have something much more suitable cheaper so that we would honour our agreement with the Finance company and continue paying the full price, but oh no that was unacceptable too. My Statutory Rights have been broken in more ways than one. Their Sales man intentionally misled us with this sale when we advised him of our back issues and informed us that he has had customers with back issues who were happy with their swivel chairs, because he was only interested in the sale and his commission and we trusted him having never owned swivel chairs before. For us these furniture’s are a health hazard since they are unstable as you try and stand up and the back is not firm. Under The Trade Description Act, which was added to by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations in 2008, it is a criminal offence for any company to describe goods falsely which is what their sales man did, for these furniture’s are unsuitable for people with back problems. I would ask customer not to waste their time and money buying anything from DFS, you will not only be ill advised, and they treat you like badly after the sale and have no respect for you. I have involved the Furniture Ombudsman and hopefully the matter will go to Court for we are having none of this, we have been loyal to DFS for over 20 years which means absolutely nothing to them. In return, they have no only lost us as a customer, I have stopped family and friends purchasing from them and to my calculation we are talking about thousands. It’s about time these greedy dodgy traders understand that the Customer is always right contrary to what they believe.
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