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  1. I am not hijacking just commenting and actually the "Mod" didn't give me the opportunity to reply by shutting the thread. I haven't attacked anyone, stated the fact Lee didn't have any input and numerous posts suggest this. I messaged the MOD and got a message saying his inbox is full and they can't send more messages until he reads the messages in there. I am all for Forums helping consumers, but I do find it odd that Lee is actually employed to deal with this site. A cunning way of down playing all your media complaints isn't it. On screen promises don't help, if you don't actually do anything about it
  2. Absolutely. I only came on here thinking it would "help" but it has not at all, numerous posts suggest Lee makes public promises and then never follows through. I have made moves, and now the ombudsman service are dealing with this. There is no true help on here, and I think it Mis leads people into thinking it will help.
  3. Oh and this isn't an "attack" on anyone, it's a fact
  4. Ok, my thread has just been closed. Lee failed to help one iota! Now because of this being exposed they close my thread. So it's clear to me the Vodafone rep and the CAG are in cahoots, numerous posts state Lee hasn't kept his promises at all. How is that successful? Don't waste your time, if the complaint has gone past 8 weeks you are legally entitled to raise a complaint with the Ombudsman!
  5. No actually Lee you flatly ignored my complaint, that's why I ended up having to finally contact their offices. It's no wonder why vodafone get so many complaints. Well, your company had since Aug14 to deal with this, and exceeded your 8 week period. The Ombudsman has now taken my case on, so we shall see won't we. I will update everyone here as per the result. Perhaps Vodafone will learn from it but I doubt it very much!
  6. It's ridiculous and I, 100% agree with you. It's all very to damage limitate to try and appear like you are helping people with their complaint, but not actually following through. I have now raised a complaint to the ombudsman after being told, the ombudsman won't do anything. They disagreed and took on the complaint. Lee has not made any attempt to help on this matter whatsoever.
  7. Just to report our rep Lee's input, or the lack of was this: Hi Joanne, Thanks for your email. Having checked your account I can see that you've spoken to our Directors Office this afternoon. Once your case has been reviewed further, we'll confirm our final position in writing. Kind regards, Lee Social Media Comms The "Customer Relations Team" are just as incompetent, Lee had no input, so the Ombudsman is now involved. This is unacceptable but clear view of how Vodafone conduct themselves!
  8. Well, what an appalling example of "customer services" I did some research and got the directors office number and spoke with "Tom" whom stated I was at the highest level of complaints with Vodafone. He after listening to the facts I had, decided to take the mickey even more. He tried to offer me £90!! I don't think so, less that 10% of what had been agreed and promised by vodafone. He also told me that apparently as long as your phone works "somewhere in the UK" that this was acceptable, that's funny considering they actually refer to the "coverage map" when signing you up to a legally binding contract isn't it! Also apparently the Ombudsman Service won't help me either, that's amazing Tom knows this considering he pretends to "work" for Vodafone?? My next call after being told by Tom we had reached dead lock, then later Lucy changed her mind again and said we weren't in deadlock and she wasnt sure why I'd been told that. Well clearly they communicate with each other, wondering if that actually speak to anyone at all!! Well I decided to ignore Toms advice, and gave the Ombudsman a ring. Well what a very different action from them! They where also most interested to hear all the facts and references I have, and they have taken the case on. So actually Tom, I shall wait to hear from them! I am absolutely furious with Vodafone and hope they have the book thrown. You do not or should not "promise to pay" and then don't especially when your large customer has paid you in a good timely manner each and every month. Tom stated it was a lot of money and that's why, so firstly why agree it, secondly correct yes it's a lot of MY money that I paid for a broken service, and actually I have it in the written notes this was agreed to be paid to me. I look forward to hearing from the Ombudsman again, what A nice chap I spoke to today
  9. After a call with Stacey, who was witnesses to be extremely rude, and spoke over me, I am now going to go ahead with a court summons. DO NOT Sign Any contracts with Vodafone, my bills have been paid in a timely manner and they dont treat their customers with the same Respect. Lee Still has not contacted me, so don't be fooled! You will have received court summons by the end of play today. Cowboys hiding behind the smoke screen!
  10. @VodafoneUKHelp are ignoring all my tweets and Lee hasn't contacted me yet. Poor service from Vodafone once again it would seem.
  11. Hi PDawn, I've tried but it won't let me for some reason. Thanks for replying
  12. A woman who isn't from your team has just called me back, she was incredibly rude and refused for me to speak to a manager! It was meant to be a manager that called me back! Her name was Rania, her customer service is appalling and she spoke over me and generally treated me poorly. This was also witnessed by my partner. She is now trying to renegotiate the amount already promised and its on the notes already. I will not be renegotiating, I already have been promised since August 2014!! I am now going to start charging interest on the amount agreed! If this continues I will be passing this across to the Financial Ombudsman as previously stated. This is absolutely unacceptable, if I owed Vodafone this long id be taken to court! Oh now there's an idea.....
  13. #8665505 Vodafone Uk this was the reference number I got back? Is that right? Thank you
  14. Hi Lee, I have just created my own post regarding appalling service from Vodafone please could you help me.
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