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  1. Thanks for the honest appraisal. Don't have the funds to continue to pay so we'll see what happens. Kind regards. DB
  2. Hi, I've scanned and converted to pdfs From what I could see the only relevant items might have been start date, terms ref name, but I could be wrong. I can re-post or update here with more details if I need to. Thanks DB
  3. Following reading on here I wrote to Vanquis requesting under S77-79 of the CCA "... a true copy of the executed credit agreement relating to this account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide ..." and a £1.00 fee was paid. I have recently received in response correspondence which appears identical that posted by other people on here, namely: 1. A 2 page cover letter stating they have provided what I've asked for, specifically " ... This information is provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your account and according to the information which is practicable for Vanquis Bank to refer." 2. A 2 page Excel style compiled spreadsheet/report headed Digital Signature Application Details. 3. A 10 page document that appears to be the terms and conditions for a credit agreement, however, there are no headings, dates or references that would suggest to what or to whom it relates. Notable by their absence is anything resembling a signature, or dates attached to the terms or the report. Apologies for the lack of attachments but I don't have access to a scanner at the moment, however, I can confirm that the correspondence appears identical to what I've seen on here in previous posts. From what I understand, whatever they might believe, my request under S77-79 hasn't been complied with and as such they *shouldn't* progress matters until they can rectify this and provide my valid request. I appreciate that this doesn't stop them thinking they can continue to contact/chase over this matter, but the lack of documentation *should* put a stop to that. I'll have a read up on other people's posts later, but could someone give me a quick reply as to whether I'm seeing things correctly.
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