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  1. Ethel street: I will come back for advice if RLP continue to harass me with letters Thank you all for your support and advice, it feels like a massive weight has been lifted. I will be sure to donate once I am more financially stable And I will definitely keep an eye on the "business" practises of RLP
  2. Okay, a bit of an update. I just spoke to the payroll dept. of wilkinsons and they were happy to take payment from me today (change of heart or incompetent staff yesterday?) I have payed £60.50 off the debt today and assured them I would be paying the final £30 on the 9th. I will have a receipt for payment sent in the post.
  3. dx I have tried to pay wilkos directly but they would not accept payment, saying it was out of their hands now. Otherwise I would pay them and be done with this
  4. I have no problem paying back the money that I owe to my ex employer, which is £90.50. That money at the end of the day is not mine and I have no right to it. The retailer would already have their money back by now if they had accepted it yesterday. An extra £304.50 to RLP is what I have a problem with
  5. Thank you all for your support, I am about to send my letter to RLP (probably second class, not worth the money) I am still unsure of what exactly to put in writing to Wilkos but you are right, they have defamed me and I feel lumped in with thieves and criminals having to deal with RLP. When I made it clear from the very start I had no intention of retaining the money that was wrongfully paid to me. I just tried to link a picture of the letter I received but it would not let me until I have at least 10 posts...
  6. Thank you for the advice, I will contact them via post in a day or two when I have wrapped my head around this and I am a little less distraught. At this moment in time though I am sleep deprived, upset and very angry. Any ideas on what to put in writing would be greatly appreciated
  7. I have just spoke to the woman I was originally dealing with and she say's that the issue is now out of her hands and refused to take the original outstanding amount of £90, when I offered to pay it right now in full. I am now quite afraid of contacting this nest of parasites that are obviously trying to shake loose whatever money they can from vulnerable people. I could ask them if it's possible to pay only the original amount to them but no doubt they will say no and demand the £395 be payed This really isn't helping my depression I am very grateful for your help though, thank you.
  8. This is my first time posting so I apologise if I get something wrong or miss something out. I was working at Wilkinsons about a year ago and I was overpayed £120 in holiday pay before I left, I did not know at the time. A few months passed and I received a letter from wilkinsons asking for the amount. I rang them and explained that I had no money and was trying to get my benefits so I could actually have some money and would then be able to pay them once this was sorted. In september I managed to get my benefits and paid them what I was able to, which was £30 and would pay some more when I got my next benefit. They said that was fine and assured me that my details would not be passed on to a third party collection agency. My next benefit was sanctioned and I have been fighting with the DWP to get my JSA so I could clear this. Today I received a letter from RLP claiming they were acting on behalf of wilkos and I owe them a total £395. I have no idea where they have plucked this number from... Is it possible to just pay the original amount in full to the company to who the debt was originally owed? I want nothing to do with RLP and this is sending me sick with worry. Please any help would be greatly appreciated
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