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  1. I'll be honest and say I didn't even really read the letters properly as they sent lots which all looked exactly the same. It covers two address aswell, cos i moved, so that makes it more complicated. Hmm thats a point, I wonder if when I moved I showed them anything to do with being self employed. I don't remember being asked for that, just proof or new address and rent amount.
  2. May 2013 Because it just said it was an overpayment, I just assumed they had cocked up, not me and so didn't even check it, stupidly I know. It totals roughly £8300 for the housing benefit and council tax benefit overpayments.
  3. Right, I have found a letter from the job centre. It is a copy of all of the claims I have ever made and jobs I had and listed on 06/12/2011 is 'Signposted to Birmingham Chamber of commerce for advice as is going self employed. ES40 handed to in and out of work team.' The es40 is my signing on book i assume, as i would have signed off.
  4. Oh I did sign off JSA yes. I'm not sure if i had to fill in a reason, but if i did then I would have put that I was becoming self employed. The advisor I saw knew all about it. I may still have some stuff from then, but i don't think they gave me a copy of the actual booklet i signed.
  5. I am also very confused. tbh. They are saying the fraud ran from Dec 2011 - March 2013. This is the time that I was self employed. The over payment is for housing and council tax benefit. They are saying that I failed to inform them that I was SE and failed to inform them that I was now getting Working tax credits. Didn't even know I had to do that last bit. Before I was interviewed under caution I did recieve letters from Birmingham city council about an overpayment but there was no explanation as to when it was for and I was totally confused. They deducted £10 a week from my housing
  6. I did recieve a letter a long time ago saying i'd be overpaid but with no explanation as to why, and that they would start claiming it back. I just assumed that that was a cock up on their part and my HB was reduced by £10 a week for this. When i mentioned this at my interview under caution, the person interviewing me said she knew nothing about that anyway. I have contacted a solicitor but i'm not sure how good they will be. They assumed i'd be pleading guilty. I am to send them all of my paperwork tomorrow along with forms for legal aid, but I wont get to actually see them to discuss my
  7. Firstly can I just say that i feel about as **** as can possibly be so would be grateful if people could refrain from judging me for this. I need advice not slating. The situation is this. Back at the end of 2011 I was claiming JSA, and so was getting full housing and council tax benefit. I should say at this point, I am a single parent of 3. In the November of that year a friend approached me about childminding for her daughter. As her daughter was over 8, so i'd not need to be registered, I decided to do it. I signed off from JSA at the job centre, registered as self employed
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