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  1. Hi no unfortunatly my brother for long while put his head in the sand, which we finally managed to help him admit the issue and sort it out a couple years ago. We are not sure when the account first defaulted, we know it would be after he had his accident which was around 9 years ago now, but for a while he was keeping up with some debts and let others slide, unfortunately he cannot recall what happened with this one in terms of when it stopped being paid (can't find the original credit card paperwork/bills etc). (he did also have a debt counciling company help him for a while (paying off the debtors for him on a weekly basis). Unfortunately after the accident for a while it really knocked him about (very bad car accident in which was in a coma for a couple weeks and the extent of injuries to his arm, back and leg after meant he could not go to work for another 7 months after! - lesson learned now he has insurance! but never thought it would happen to him - trouble with being self employed, can't work no sick pay etc!) I didn't realise DCAs have no power, so does that mean that if he ignores it (i.e if the complaints don't work) then they cannot take any action? Can they get a CCJ taken out against him?
  2. nope, same address for the past 10+ years. Thats why we need to sort this out as he's looking to move soon and doesn't want this left up in the air.
  3. see thats the confusing thing as once my brother got the letter yesterday we ordered a noodle credit report and its not on there, so also ordered one from equifax but nothing on there either. We are waiting on the experian one.
  4. Hi First credits client was Lloyds Bank (then Lloyds TSB). looking at the letter from them they state that "we received the payment of xx.xx on 22/5/2012 being full and final payment" and the amount of the debt on that letter precicely matches that quoted on the new letter.
  5. Thanks for the replies, we have sent a complaint again to lloyds, as have confirmation from lloyds, 1st credit and apex that the debt was settled etc in 2012! have also emailed scanned copies of the letters to Cabot this morning as well.
  6. Hello, I am wondering if you can help / provide advice for my brother. He ended up in some financial difficulties following a car accident which meant he was unable to work (self employed) for a while several years ago. As a result he got into some financial difficulties which were finally sorted in 2012 (or so we thought!). The debt was for a credit card at Lloyds TSB, who passed the debt to a company called 1st Credit. A full and final settlement figure was agreed with 1St Credit in May 2012 (we have a letter from them confirming this). However, in August/September 2012 for some reason Lloyds sold the debt on again to a company called Apex. Both Apex and Lloyds confirmed that it should not have been sent to them, and we have complaint responses from both companies in September and October 2012 confirming this. The letters also advise that the debt is closed off and Apex were sending it back to Lloyds. We thought everything was fine as no further contact however fast forward two years and we have now received a debt from a company called Cabot Financial (dated 3 November 2014) claiming that the debt has now been sold on to them. It is clearly the same debt, as all of them quote the same amount right to the penny as well as his original lloyds credit card number. We are clearly very unhappy with this as he is looking to rent a property soon and we are worried that this could affect his credit etc further. In addition to this, Cabot Financial's letter states that the original lender is "Prime Credit 1 s.a.r.l" which is not the case and we have not had any dealings with them (as was lloyds, 1st Credit and Apex) so we are at a loss with who to go to - Lloyds, Appex, 1st Credit etc. Does any one know if there are any links between these companies (i.e. is this Prime Credit 1 s.a.r.l linked to Apex/1st Credit etc).
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