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  1. no ive had nothing from them no phone calls ect just him today giving me 24 hours to fine £650! its sunday tomo what does he want me todo!?
  2. the other thing im worried of is i have to dogs which are guard dogs and dont let any one in, and i dont want hem put down for doing there job
  3. i know i havent it wasnt done on purpose, i would pay i have not said i wont and i told him that, the thing is he hasnt been into my propety so doesnt no what i have inside, ( none of which is worth the 650 he wants) also can they take my childrens stuff or go into my gardge or shed? so ive pretty much had it and cant stop it now? if i could pay him i would i dont even earn that much a month! x
  4. he had a thing on his chest recoreding every thing, i didnt say i was the name he asked for just i am me and he still carryed on
  5. he said he was a hco and the letter is headed as such, if was for non payment of a tv license and theft under £10 when i was 18ish very stuipd i know but it was nearly 7years ago, i got fined and didnt pay, no there in another town, he said it has to be payed by 6pm tomorrow, or mon morning they will be here, i dont have any thing worth value but worried they will take my childrens tvs and my sons ps3 and daughter wii/dvd they have done nothing wrong! the letter says the client is hmcts avon and Somerset
  6. i say i would pay just dont have that sort of money, he said that i need to pay full by tomorow or he will be entering with a locksmith
  7. i have not phoned the court, and i havent let him in but he says that come monday he can let himself in with a lock smith is this true? he was from marstons x
  8. he had a notice of attendance which he went to hand me i didnt take it so it was left on my door step, i did take it in once he had gone.
  9. hi i need some help/advice i went to court a few months back for non payment of a fine was told to pay the £300 odd back weekly i have not payed as my circumstances have changed and i could not afford to pay, i have had nothing from them to say any thing so was going to pay after Christmas, today i had a knock at the door and when i opened it there was a hco that asked if i was myself (full name used) my reply was i am me, he then went on to tell me why he was here, which was to collect the balance which is now £650?! and that if i can pay by 6 pm tomo which is Sunday they will be back Monday to seize goods! i have not let him in, i have not said that i am me, also i do not have anything worth that money, i also have 3 children who are 4-5-8 and work 16 hours a week, if any one can help i would be great full thankyou x
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