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  1. Hi Dx and Rebel, thank you for your replies. I am worried that applying for my credit file will create a link to my current address ? The DCA's have not located me since my return to the UK, and I dont know if any of the debts became a ccj. If they have then i am assuming that this over-rides statute barred? Unfortunately my sister and i have not been on good terms because of this, and she has not given me much information on being taken to court. She said that the DCA took her to court because they believed that she knew where i was living. She told them of the harassment and has heard nothing since. The debt was for a TSB credit card last paid Sept 2007. I expect that there would have been charges on the debt when i stopped paying, and I dont remember if i had PPI ? I guess its possible being a bank and they usually insist on it?
  2. I am worried about some debts that i struggled with after a relationship split. My ex ran up the debts in my name and then left, leaving me to sell up and move to avoid losing my home. I couldnt pay some CC's and i left to live overseas. I have now returned and found out that in my absence my family members were traced by DCA's and subjected to constant harassment. My sister had a solicitor write to them to say the debt wasnt hers. I used her address for mail briefly after i moved overseas. She now says that she was taken to court for information on me?? this doesnt make sense as i thought they could not contact a 3rd party in this way? The debts are now 6yrs old but i am worried. I am not working and have been ill for a number of years, I am struggling to make ends meet as it is and cannot afford to pay these debts. Any advice is appreciated. thank you.
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