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  1. Thank Bankfodder, I am thinking what to do. Can I ask, would the paper pay for my story?
  2. 3 of us, holiday was for 13 nights. Brought a lot in preparation. I am seeing if I can get a flight to another country. I am thinking of using going to the press as a negotiating tool. If they don't improve on the compensation I go to the press, what do you think?
  3. I booked this trip through "Cruise Nation" who are also ATOL protected. Wondering are they my first point of contact or do I deal with Costa directly?
  4. Agree... but this is what the travel agent (Atol bonded) told me. I said, I am guessing they made a profit, but I do see your point. but its negligent of them to leave it to the last minute to inform customers should that ever been the case
  5. It doesn't allow you to book it.... sorry I am unable to post a link as I need 10 posts (only have 5) Please try and book it and you will get that message.
  6. Can it be a delayed honeymoon? Been married for over 10 years.
  7. My tangible losses are £15 cancellation fee for airport parking and overnight hotel. I am waiting for confirmation if Costa will cover that (as its so small I am assuming they will) Intangible loss is price less for us. A lost of a holiday that we as a family were really looking forward to. To know that a company like Costa can just sell a ship last minute (for its own profits) without any regard for its customers is just unheard of.
  8. My travel insurance doesn't cover this. I checked with them. They go its very unusual. what can i say....
  9. Thank you Honeybee13 for your kind words. Below is the only part of the T&C relating to "if the company cancels the holiday." I look forward to others who may have experienced similar situations or can shed some light on this further. Thank you. 9. Cancellation by the Company 9.1 If, before departure, the Company notifies the Passenger of cancellation of the Holiday for any reason whatsoever, the Company shall if possible (and unless the cancellation is due to the fault of the Passenger) offer the Passenger a replacement holiday. The Passenger shall have the right to choose either to take this replacement or to receive a refund as set out in the clauses below. The replacement holiday will be of equivalent value to that cancelled. If the Company is unable to offer a replacement holiday of equivalent value, the Passenger will receive a refund. 9.2 Except in situations beyond the Company's control (force majeure) or upon failure to reach the minimum number of participants for the Holiday and where the Passenger cannot be offered or refuses a replacement holiday the Company will pay compensation on the following scale: 55 to 46 days before departure£10 per person 45 to 16 days before departure £20 per person 15 to 11 days before departure £30 per person 10 days or less before departure £40 per person. 9.3. In situations of force majeure or upon failure to reach the minimum number of participants if the Company cannot offer the Passenger a replacement holiday or if that replacement is refused by the Passenger, the Company shall only be liable to refund any monies actually received from the Passenger (less any insurance premiums). The Company shall not be liable to the Passenger for any other costs which may have been incurred including but not limited to car parking charges, rail and other transport charges, hotel reservations.
  10. Hello guys, I was due to travel on a cruise this Saturday with Costa, the ship name "Costa Celebration." Unfortunately, at the last minute on Wednesday (only 3 days prior to departure) they call me up saying they have cancelled the sailing. I now find out that the reason for cancellation is that the owners have sold the ship. They are offering me a full refund + £40 per adult as compensation. This was a much anticipated holiday for us. As this was not a technical issue but I am guessing Costa making a handsome profit, they have ruined my holiday. Do I have any legal case here to claim under, "loss of enjoyment" or any other legal points? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Shads
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