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  1. Hi I paid by cheque. Was cashed the day after i gave it them... The representative totally mislead me. It was deliberate. I have contacted Tivium on many occasions and all they can say is that they are waiting for funding... Even last time 2 weeks ago they told me that still waiting for funding. But if they are not authorised by the department of Energy and are not part of the scheme one has to ask where the money is coming from. As I said in my last post. They told me the assosors who came to me were from Strom and that they would be installing my boiler. But I have not spoken to Strom who deny any connections with Tivium. As I said if you Google the name Tivium I am not alone with what they are doing and to me it's as plain as the nose on my face... they simple got money by misrepresenting what they would deliver... which for me and many others appears to be nothing. Maybe the very few they have managed to help have been funded by the money they have collected from people like me who have not had anything done. My surprise is that No one with any power is interested and are happy to see this go on for more people to be scammed.
  2. Earlier this year I was foolish enough to part with £300 to a company called Tivium. They promised me through the green deal scheme to install a boiler for no more than £1500. This would cost me nothing as it would be paid for by the savings I would make on heating bills. They also promised that all or most of my £300 would be given back by the government when I was approved. This was 8 Months ago. I now found out after realising I have lost my money as well as many other people (just Google Tivium) from the Department of Energy that Tivium is not an approved Green Deal installer or even authorised to carry out surveys. When I approached Tivium recently with this I was told that they just carried out the funding for green deal and that the survey and installation is done by Strome. I called Strome and guess what they do not do this. What I find amazing is that the company is still being allowed to trade. The Department of Energy tell me they Tivium is not authorised green Deal agent neither are they authorised to carry out assessments. But they carried mine out and I paid them £300. At no point was i told that they were just trying to get me financed. But if they are not green Deal authorised where are they trying to get the money from? Strome just certify companies for Green Deal and nothing more. Trading standards I am told are aware but DO NOTHING. Department of Energy know and DO NOTHING... So who is it down to? Us, the people that have been ripped off and and and stop other people from being ripped off. By the way just in case anyone can trace these people who have dealings with Tivium. JONATHAN MATTHEWS Information from appointment at TIVIUM LIMITED Address ANDREW MATTHEWS METROPOLITAN HOUSE LONGRIGG ROAD SWALWELL NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE UNITED KINGDOM NE16 3AS
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