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  1. Not sure if this makes any difference? I've just checked on companies house and the Ltd company in said post was struck off and dissolved on the 21/102014 (SEE COPY BELOW) GAZ2 21/10/2014 STRUCK OFF AND DISSOLVED Document GAZ1 08/07/2014 FIRST GAZETTE Document DISS16(SOAS) 24/12/2013 COMPULSORY STRIKE OFF SUSPENDED (DISS16(SOAS)) Document GAZ1 19/11/2013 FIRST GAZETTE This is all new to me and I'm still very confused about the whole situation! So the EO (HCEO) are chasing a debt made by a Ltd Co, that has sinced been dissolved, that in the instance was made by a former partner, using the means of ID fraud. Now they are coming to an address that has nothing to do with me (this situation certainly has nothing to do with the legal tenant) to chase a debt from a "free Man Of the Land" (personal individual) namely myself, that was fraudulently added to the contract, and signed as the managing director of the Ltd company as a personal guarantor (please see copy of contract I found in our old emails, Link previous) ((My name and old address are clear in said contract because I clearly have nothing to hide)) I will make contact with the nearest High Court Monday morning and attempt to discuss this with them. Thanks again, Ryan.
  2. Thanks Unc.... Will do just that Have not been in this situation before so a little scary, knowledge is power and I feel a lot better about the whole situation now! Thanks to all, and I will keep this post updated. Ryan.
  3. The business holds no assets of any kind (I even had to sell the van to cover the debts I had a part of when we went into dissolution) no tools, stock, anything! All I personally own is a car worth around £300 and a fish tank! Everything else my partner owns (who I recently moved in with) and she has nothing to do with this (Well she does now because they are knocking at her door) and she is the sole tenant on the tenancy agreement! Sitting here in darkness now, hoping no one knocks!!!
  4. Oh well that didn't go well!!! on contacting my local CC they advised they can't do a thing as it's a "High Court Enforcement" (she said they can come in and take what they like without permission!) And I need to contact the solicitor in control of the case ( I have their details) What on earth do i do now? The debt was originally only £700, now over £1800 with all their charges and I didn't even have any bloody knowledge of it prior to a 6.8ft/18st EO arriving at my door demanding payment now and scaring the the crap out of the misses! Do I contact the solicitor on the case, or what is my next move??? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi BankFodder and thanks for your reply, I have all the paperwork the EO left, court, claim number etc... More worryingly he has stated on said paperwork that he will be back at 4pm (today) to collect the debt or remove goods (we have nothing to remove of any value) this is scaring the crap out of us!!!! Also on the paper work it clearly states that the "Debtor" is: MR Ryan...... (not one mention of the Ltd company!) So if I get onto the court and ask them to send me the paperwork for the case and report to the local police immediately, will this buy me some time to get things check out before the EO comes to our house to intimidate us again!? So sorry for all the questions but I'm in a real panic as i have 3 x under 5yr olds here and don't know what to do if the EO come busting into the house! What right do they have of entry?? Ryan
  6. Hi Back in 2009 me and my South African business partner started a company called ##### Ltd. we done well in our 1st year and we're advised to become a Ltd Co by our acc. My business partner was sole director for the 2nd year of business and I became a director at the start of the 3rd. The 3rd year went well also and we started to acquire a few trade/credit accounts, all of which we kept in good stead. Coming to the end of the 3rd year my business partner starting acting strangely, not arriving for work and when he did not in a fit state for anything! We eventually parted company by the beginning of the 4th year and had him removed from the directors list. He was more on the financial side of the business, running the office/orders etc, and I was out on the tools. It wasn't until his demise that I found that he had taken out 3/4 credit agreements (2 x trade acc and 2x company cards 1 of which I managed to cancel) for ##### Ltd and with a personal guarantee signed by him as my signature!! I have managed to talk sense to 2 of the remaining 3 creditors (RK Solar Ltd is currently in the dissolution process, due to the debt incurred) but one creditor namely "Trade UK" has today sent a high court enforcement agent to my private residence to give "notice after entry or taking control of goods (on a highway) and inventor of goods taken into control" My wife was in to receive this and was scared to death by his persona! 1# I DID NOT sign this agreement for a personal guarantee. 2# This credit agreement is for ##### Ltd (not Mr Ryan Richardson) 3# The credit agreement states that only a company director can sign this agreement (making this not a personal guarantee for an individual) COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT CAN BE FOUND HERE: PM me for link If someone can please let me know where I stand with this, my wife who is sole tenant on our private residence is so scared now that we are going to have collection agents busting into our house and taking things (we have very little/nothing after paying off rk solars debts) to pay off a debt that I feel has nothing to do with me!? The business partner in question is currently residing back in SA spending the £17.000.00 he managed filter out the business over the years, leaving me and my young family to have to deal with the aftermath! WHAT CAN I DO? ANY HELP IS WELCOME 100% Thanks in advance, Ryan.
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