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  1. I split from my partner in July and have since started claiming income support, he's currently classed as homeless although he does stay between his mums and his nans house, he has notified the council of were he is staying and to my knowledge has only just made an application for job seekers allowance. My problem is this, he has not changed the address of his bank account yet, I have contacted Barclays on numerous occasions telling the he does not live here and have given them the forwarding address yet they still send letters. His car is still registered to my house, I have informed the DVLA that he does not live here so I am unsure whether they have rectified that. A few debt collection letters come here, but every time I receive a letter I call them up and tell them he does not live here, All the bills are in my name, he doesn't give me any money, every thing is above board, he see's his son a few times a week which is fine. I have only been claiming income support for 4 months, do they job centre give you time to sort all these things out? Obviously it doesn't look good that his letters are coming here but there's only so much I can do and I am literally PETRIFIED that one day I will get a letter to say they are stopping my benefits pending an investigation into my single claim, does this happen?? Should I arrange an appointment with the jobcentre to tell them of my concerns?
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