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    Very good points trebormoinet and Mr p. It's just one long hard slog with ingeus, I've had a raised doubt defeated before but it's not a pleasant experience being in limbo. On a positive note, my local Centre has nearly halved in staff and I'm getting a new Advisor (old one let go I guess)...also in a workshop the guy running it was openly talking about applying for jobs and having 3 interviews already set up. Beggar's belief sometimes.
  2. LemonNews


    I haven't questioned them about, I just wondered about if it was all legit. Good luck to all on Ingeus. Cracking site with people helping each other.
  3. LemonNews


    Hi guys, Just a quick question...does my Ingeus advisor have any rights to look at any form of my job search? as my job centre Advisor does all that every 2 weeks.
  4. They (WP) want to get you into any job so they get there money simple as and your another success story blah blah, they dont give a monkeys about whats best for the person. good luck!.
  5. The situation is getting that silly that I even cancelled a dentists appointment. Hi Daz, You should of gone to your dentist appointment. if you have evidence for the appointment they cant stop you...i know as i used it myself when i was on the WP. The secret is not to let them grind you down and only do the things that are mandatory...also dont be so accessible like give them your mobile phone number etc...so you dont get endless texts and phone calls...the only contact i had was through email and if my adviser wanted me to come in for a appointment they can write to you or give you the letter for the next appointment whilst your there...still dont understand why they drag you in for a 10 min pointless chat but now i think its because they have to see you weekly. Good luck with all your going for.
  6. LemonNews


    If anyone is going to the candidate pool preperation workshop anytime soon your in for a treat ha!...still had to attend even though i wont be going into it. Meeting with her line manager on Friday. still had to go to all these workshops (green light thinking), (skills assessment) even though i`m starting work in the near future and no there no getting any details. Is it just me or is Ingeus just a waste of time?/money?.
  7. LemonNews


    cheers for the reply tfp, funnily enough my issues are also with a female adviser at Leeds branch of Ingeus. it sounds like we have had similar experience, this women was rude, looked down on you like you were worthless and constant texts about crap jobs. also dismissed any talk of self employment. form beginning to end from letters she didnt send for appointments and trying to insinuate i was lying to putting me forward for jobs which were not even in my options. too many workshops and didnt give a toss about your own job searching and records for the job centre. also she woulnt give me a copy of my ingeus contract which i first signed last year. not even a blank copy of the contract...i just wanted one to know what was expected of me as i`m sure you feel that your very much in the dark at times. it was very hard not to be rude but i always kept my cool. i`m going to go in tomorrow and see her line manager, at least she might get a talking to but how she works with the public on a daily basis with her people skills and demeanour. if its the same women then that will be at least 2 complaints against her. all the best.
  8. LemonNews


    hi people, whats the best way to complain about an Ingeus adviser and your bad experiences in general with the company i general?. starting a job next Monday so finally free and to boot its a job i found myself!. i`m signing on for the last time on Friday so shall i have a word with the adviser i see?.
  9. I would imagine the reason shes put me forward for it is i have been with her for 2 weeks tomorrow and she has not put me forward for a job yet and she has targets to hit?. They do not give a monkeys about what job searching you have been doing or even interviews coming up they just want to put you forward for the jobs they have with their "contacts". Am i within my rights to ask for another adviser if she continues to be rude, i just cant stand her manner and one size fits all attitude?.
  10. It says "your through to mark, you know what to do". Appointment on Thursday...should be fun and screen call tomorrow for a job that requires a driving license which i have not got but my adviser still put me forward for it.
  11. Absolute joke of a place. Rude adviser, bullying tactics, putting me forward for jobs that are not even suitable for me. Phone calls everyday and to top it off today i got told to change my voicemail to something more appropriate. Sick of it already and only been going for 12 days. Also i got some garbage about i cant get a copy of the contract i signed when i first signed up last august unless i sign some sort of form from the JC. A blank copy would do so at least i know whats expected from me and also when their crossing the line...not a clue and dont feel i can fight back unless i know my rights. Help please people.
  12. Thankyou Mr P. I will fire off a suitable email over the weekend to my ex adviser By the way what a great forum this is helping each other out with there problems and all the great advice. all the best.
  13. Hi people, I gave no details of my employees details, i`ve had the usual harassment from Ingeus since starting a new job 4 weeks ago, which may i say i found myself! with no help from them, so no way do i want my ex adviser to get any juicy bonus. I had a thought early as i`m signed upto Ingeus for 2 years (UGH!) what would happened if i say lost my job in a year (could happen, its a new company), would i have to go back to Igneus?. The only reason i ask this is i want to give Ingeus both barrels in response to all the phone calls, texts, emails etc...but if i have to go back to them and i had the same adviser i would be surely in for some treatment and sent on all kinds of placements etc...and treated even worse than i was. Thanks in advance.
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