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  1. Thanks for that. I had no idea what ESA was until now. I've completed the questionnaire about ESA and scored 21 points. It says I would be placed in the work related activity group. I don't think I'd qualify for contribution based ESA and my wife works full-time so I'm not sure about income-related and I can't find the earnings limit anywhere. Also, I still would like to know if PIP is a possibility with my impairment being sporadic. Thanks again for your help so far, Oliver edit: I've completed a calculator for ESA on the entitled to website and it says I'm not entitl
  2. Hi all, I have sleep apnoea (diagnosed a few weeks ago as a severe case) and am frequently so tired that I cannot work, or cannot work effectively (e.g. fall asleep in meetings, feel like a zombie all day so i can't perform up to the standard that an employer would require of me) I have lost 3 jobs over the last 5 years due to this, although at the time I was unaware of why I felt so awful. My current position is as follows: - I am unemployed. - I would like to be working and lead a normal life. - I have begun treatment for my condition but it is not working yet and it
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