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  1. There is no CCJ registered but there was an order for payment forthwith .I have agreed payments with the solicitors not court and they are still going for a C.O..I wont mention the solicitors but they are notorious for being the worst ones to deal with!!!..I am not too adverse about CO but dont want an OFS .Both houses joint ownership and debt in single name.
  2. Hi Andy and thanks for the welcome. It was just if they go for an OFS on my old family house that is rented out now(its this one that they are going for a charging order on) but i still own with little equity. I live in another which was my Dads and has some equity in.
  3. Hi all....AS title says is it possible for solicitors to find out what assets you have,do searches in your name etc prior to charging order,OFS etc...cheers Madasfish
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