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  1. Hello Sidewinder, thank you very much for your reply, well the business reason they gave for wanting to reduce my hours was that they wanted to spread my responsibility around as when I am away or sick then I'm difficult to cover. It wasn't a reason to save money as such. The restrictive clause was in the new contract, so effectively they wanted to reduce my pay by 43% and stop me from working for other employers to make up for the shortfall in pay unless they agreed in advance. I have claims against them for victimisation and discrimination with lots of evidence including recordings of meetin
  2. Hello everyone, they terminated my contract because I objected to the drop in hours and in the new contract there was a clause that stated that I couldn't work anywhere else that was similar in nature without their agreement. It's so acrimonious now I don't trust them to allow me to work anywhere else. I can't afford to take a 43% drop in wages so I declined their offer. They said they would put my termination in writing, but no mention of redundancy payment. I'll phone ACAS tomorrow and see what I have to do next Thank you all for your replies, I will keep you posted.
  3. Hello, they aren't victimising anyone else, and this started when I complained about the proposed change to my hours. I was both bullied and ignored which made me sick with stress and the anxiety aggravated my asthma. I went off sick before the consultation took place. I lodged a grievance though and I'm going through that now while they sort out my return to work and consultation. By the way, I suppose it's normal for a grievance response to admit no liability, but no investigation was carried out and none of my specific issues were dealt with. I'm going to appeal but I think it's probably fu
  4. Hi there, thank you I'm not off sick, I've been fit for work for three weeks, they have been prevaricating my return to work - I've just been waiting for my return to work interview and they want to combine the consultation with it.
  5. Hi Becky, Thank you for your reply, I appreciate your help. I don't think this is a variation as the change is 43%, they tried to enforce these changes on me before I went sick with all the stress. There are no business reasons as I checked it out, they were saying that I had too much responsibility and wanted to spread it around a bit, so they are trying to take my contracted hours and give them to casual workers, as and when. If I said that I refused to accept the new contract could this be viewed as a resignation and could that absolve them from making notice and redundancy paymen
  6. Thank you very much Sidewinder, I was wondering if they have the right to reduce hours from me and give them to casual workers (I am a contracted employee). I also have claims with ACAS for discrimination and victimisation, so this wouldn't have gone down well. I won't go back on the reduced hours contract as it's not worth the stress. I've been bullied by members of the management team including HR so they would have to make me redundant (but would this be a true redundancy as I was told by a colleague that if the job still exists then it's not a true redundancy it would be unfair dismissal).
  7. Hello, I was hoping for some guidance please, I have been off work long term due to work related stress. The employer wants to hold a return to work interview and a consultation about the proposed reduction in my hours at the same time. I refused to go to the first consultation as they said they had asked for details from occupational health on how to do any risk assessments but they did not have the details yet. So I thought there's no point going to a consultation if they don't know how to handle the situation yet. They say I'm in breach of contract by refusing to consult, and th
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