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  1. Thank you everyone, i gave Jacobs a call dead on 8am today, and told them that i had only the £75 fee left to pay; fully admitted it was my error and that i didn't dispute it and he allowed me until the 30th of the month to pay it in full before any further action was taken; he was perfectly reasonable tbh and i was slightly surprised at the time given but he said as i had paid the actual debt off last night, and that i had contacted them and told them i hadn't received the letter till yesterday that before the 30th would be okay. Relieved!
  2. So if they sent it on the 12th (last weds) do they give time for it to get to me? and if i pay tomorrow will it be soon enough; for example, if i pay before the bailiff arrives what happens then?
  3. Thanks for your reply, is that the letter stating i hadn't paid the instalment? is that basically an enforcement notice? I've actually paid all of the debt now with the last payment, its just the 75 pound fee they literally must have put on top in the last few days. Is it 7 clear days from the date of the letter? and if so, if i pay it tomorrow will i be okay? I haven't had any contact with the bailiff atm just that one letter from jacobs
  4. hi due to my own stupidity i broke an arrangement with Jacobs bailiffs to repay council tax arrears; (i thought id paid the last one but i hadn't - my own error totally admit that) They sent me a letter dated the 12th November stating that id broken the arrangement and that if i didn't ring them and pay or let them know that they would come and take goods. Now this letter didn't get here till the weekend, as i was at home till friday and then I've been away until today working. I rang up immediately the payment line to pay that last amount only to find they had added on another 75 p
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