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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply I want i laptop that works i know these were cheap £350 each but we do not need anything fancy as we only use them on sites for lighting programming(but clean site as we commissioning engineers and were the last people in so the site is clean). PC world have given me the phone number for ASUS to sort it out but in my eyes i brought the laptops from them only 7 months ago and surely they should sort it. I don’t have the time also Asus are more likely to charge me than a major company that they supply 100s of laptops to. So my ques
  2. Advice please i purchased 3 Asus laptops earlier this year about all at the same time about 7 months ago. One of these developed a fault were the M key no longer functions this happened a couple of months after i brought it . Ive been so busy with work that i only got around to taking it back this week. PC world have turned around and told me that Asus do not cover the keyboard under warranty. They can send it back to asus but I will have to pay for the repair ALSO the postage has anybody else come across this as i think PC world are try
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