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  1. just found this online http://www.express.co.uk/finance/crusader/391923/Pain-for-small-traders-found-in-small-print-of-design-firm-s-brochure-deal mike
  2. hi thanks for that thought that might be answer have learnt the the lesson read everthing however small it is mike
  3. hi yes sole trader it was a glossy appointment card for a wedding shop that has since moved premies .i had found out they had other print runs done without my ad in them .so have no proof either way if i was ever in ad to start with other than a proof copy at beginning.
  4. hi sorry 1 st time asking for help will try to make sense i signed contract for advertisement on a leaflet with a printers who are now asking for more money after origanal 24 month contract has expired stating that in small print i should have given written confirmation than no longer wanted the contract to carry on after the 24 month period and giving giving giving month period before contract end . mike
  5. help with legal issue of a company asking for further payment after initial contract date has expired .there is in small print on back of "non exclusive minimum 24 month agreement" about serving notice by recorded delivery six month before contract expires . i can post copy of contract if required any help will be gladly gladly appreciated mike
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