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  1. Hi As the 'experts' have already said, I would continue to ignore. They helped me out with same great advice at the beginning of the year. I had received several letters from NGP and then ZZPS from Nov 2014. I did write back initially, at their advice, basically telling them they had no powers to fine me or take me to court. I never admitted to being the driver, only the RK. I received the last letter on 20th Jan 2015 from ZZPS, and have heard nothing since. Happy days. Hope this helps Good luck!
  2. Thanks guys - sorry, I'm obviously no good at uploading these letters! This latest one, issued just 10 days after the last one says their next course of action will be to pass this account to their Client's solicitors. And if legal action does take place, court fees, solicitor's costs etc will also be for my account. Anyway, I will continue to ignore and let you know if/when I hear more from them. Thanks again
  3. Hi Have received new letter today from ZZPS (see attached). Can you please advise? They seem to be getting more persistent now and I am concerned. Thanks
  4. Thank you site team! And yes, I will continue to update if/when further letters received. Thanks again
  5. I'm really sorry to bother you again, but I have no idea how to take down the attachments! Can you help me?
  6. Thank you all for your comments and advice. I will continue to ignore and see what happens next !
  7. I am a techno biff! How about the attached? Won't let me save as .pdf? Only allows jpg, jpeg, png, gif. I can try again tomorrow, can scan it from my work email, which will be .pdf. see if that's any better.
  8. Hello I have now received a letter from ZZPS Limited stating that my unpaid PCN has now been passed to them to resolve. The letter states that the balance owed is now £160.00, which includes £60 late payment and debit recovery charge! Please can you advise me what I should do next? Thank you
  9. Thanks both. No, no reference to my request for Popla code. Their letter was identical to previous one, which does seem very lame! They seem to be still trying to get me to admit to who was driving the car. I'll ignore from now on and hope for the best outcome
  10. Hi Armadillo Just had a reply from NGP again re my letter above. Their letter is identical to previous one, making reference to how law changed 1st Oct 2012 and that they can now take the registered keeper of the vehicle to court if I won't divulge the identity of the driver. And I have 21 days to give them this info or make an appeal. Should I just ignore this letter now? As advised by you previously, I requested a Popla code, which they have not provided and I said I would not enter into any further correspondence with them! Cheers
  11. Thanks both! Really appreciate your help. Will send this letter today and let you know how I get on!
  12. Yes, the exact same car park! I had already read this thread, which is why I registered to this site and posted a new thread. I just need to know what to do now? I've already written back saying I don't believe they have the right to enforce this 'charge', indicating they only know the registered keeper of vehicle and not the driver. They wrote back (I received today) saying the law changed 1st Oct 2012 and the registered keeper MAY be held liable for this pcn, under Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (are they making this up??!!) if I'm unable to
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